Work in Rows

Row patterns are layouts where everything is lined up in multiple rows across the page. Row pages naturally work well with horizontal photos, but they can some unique designs as well.

Did you know page patterns in the Mosaic Moments Pattern Gallery can be sorted by category, helping you locate the perfect pattern quickly?

Here are some samples from our designers to inspire you to try out a row.

Add Hand-Cut Strips

"Bowling Night" by Tami Potter

Row patterns may include long strips of paper across the page. These strips provide the perfect place for a title.

Cut a Grid

"Richmond Raceway" by Paije

Grid designs, like the Soft Corner Grid Die Paije used to showcase her racing photos, are a fun way to tie smaller photos together. At a quick glance, the collection of photos in the center appear to be just one element.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

"Autumn 2019" by Candy Spiegel

Repetition of shapes can create some amazing designs. Here, Candy used the Gestalt 2x2 Die as an abstract leaf, turning and repeating it across the row on the layout.

The center photo was cut from an 8 1/2x11" print, but you could use multiple photos to create a faux panoramic this way, as well.

Repeat for a Title

"Virginia Beach" by Paije

The mini grid area of this layout could be used to showcase a detailed photo or two, but we love how Paije used it to create a title with the Alphabet 4 Die Set. Some of the alphabet dies can work with or without the 1" square.

Add a Few Embellishments

"Paije 2019" by Paije

Embellishments, like stickers, die cuts, tags and chipboard, are fun ways to spruce up a page -- or fill in those leftover places. Notice how the dandelion fills in that extra space next to the building at the bottom. Cute!

Allow Some White Space

"Zoo Trip" by Tami Potter

At first glance, this page pattern may look a bit "busy." But, look at the sample page created using it. The monochromatic patterned papers around the title give the eye a place to rest.

This white space (white space doesn't have to actually be white) also helps the eye to focus at the center of the page before exploring the rest of the layout.

Break Up the Rows

"Pacific Coast" by Paije

Yes, even though the rows on this layout are broken up, it still counts as a row pattern because the "broken" portions, when added together, create a row with the larger elements next to them.

Breaking up portions of the row into smaller elements provides added interest. It also offers the opportunity to have a little graphical fun, like Paije did by including the close-up photos of the plant life on the coast.

Use Dies to Create Interest

"Carsland" by Paije

This row pattern, made up of only two dies from the B Basic Set, could be a quick-and-simple page.

However, by including layers and photo corners, and substituting one of the X-Factor Dies for the center, it becomes an interesting-and-fun layout. This is one of those designs that you have to stop and slowly look at each photo to take in all of the details.

Match the Frame to the Grid

"Strike!" by Jodi Benson

Using the backside of the grid paper to create frames for your photos allows the photos to "float" in space.

Jodi used this technique with the Circle Tiles & Tab Die Set around some of her photos and patterned paper. It is an amazing effect to try and the results are, well, striking!

Do Not Forget to Journal

"Scarecrow Treats" by Paije

Journaling, on at least some of your pages, is crucial if you want others to know who is the photos and what is going on.

We love how Paije used one of the photo boxes for journaling on this layout. Then, she included little strips on each of the photos for more details. Too cute!