Mosaic Moments™ Pattern Gallery is a FREE resource to help you create fabulous scrapbook pages. This article includes the information you’ll need to get the most out of the Pattern Gallery.

Over 500 Patterns!

Did you know that there are OVER 500 patterns on the gallery and even more being added each week! You could easily fill an album (or two) without using the same pattern twice. When you visit the gallery you will see many color filled images (like the pattern on the right). While you are in the gallery mouse over the patterns to see one or more page examples (such as the page shown next to the pattern).

Hint: If you see more than one dot under the pattern it means there is more than one page sample to view – just keep clicking, or tapping, to view them all. (See example of pattern with multiple dots below.)

Where do you begin?

It can be overwhelming to look through so many patterns. That’s why we offer filtering options – to help you find just the right patterns for your pages.

Filter by Die Sets

At the top of the pattern gallery you will see the option to: “Select Your Die Sets”. You can click on ALL or select just Set A or a combination – like A, B and MM. (see image above.)
You will find that some die sets offer more pattern options than others, and some may have no pattern options if selected alone. The more die sets you choose, the more pattern options you will see.
Each Die set has been assigned a color that represents the colors shown on the patterns. So if you select just set A, the gallery will be filled with the color teal that represents the A die.

For example, below I checked Sets A, B, and MM die. As I click them the gallery automatically loads and show my options. Pattern 157 is one of them (shown on far left)!

Filter by Category

There are currently 8 different pattern categories to choose from.

Here are a few examples of what you could choose:

 The Pinwheel

One of our favorites categories are the pinwheel patterns. Pinwheel patterns generally have a square center with rotating blocks all around it forming a pinwheel style design.

This is pattern No. 197 – one of our more complex pinwheel designs, with lots of designs spots!

 The Puzzle

The patterns in the puzzle category do not fit with any other type. These layouts are generally scrambled, but that is what makes them fun to look at.

This is pattern No. 179.


Remember pattern No. 157 from earlier? It is a symmetrical pattern. This means the spots are exactly the same on both sides of the vertical axis.

Symmetrical patterns are one of the most used. They are more formal, clean, and structured in design.

See examples of all Categories: Columns, Rows, Pinwheel, Puzzle, Mostly Squares, Mosaic Style, Symmetrical and Strips on the patterns gallery.

Filter by Number of Design Spots

You may have a certain amount of photographs and/or embellishments you would like to use. If this is the case you can search patterns by number of design spots (places you can fill with either photos, journaling, patterned paper, and/or embellishments). Mouse over “# of Design Spots” to view your choices. 
Example: If I have 8 different photographs, I can choose the category “1-9 image Spots”.  (Pattern No. 157 can be found in this category.)
Here are a couple of examples from the other design spot categories. On the left is a sample from the 20-29 image spots and on the right is a sample from the 10-19 image spots category. 

TIP: Remember image spots can be for journaling, patterned paper, and/or embellishments, as well as for your photos. Choose a category that allows you to include it all!

Get All The Details

Now that you know how to navigate through the gallery, you’ll want more details! Example: What specific sizes are each design spot? Can I print this pattern? Which grid paper color was used to make the example page?

While you are searching the gallery, notice that each pattern has a yellow button tab below that says “View Pattern Details.”
When you click the button, it will ask for your name and email to join. Once you sign up, you will be able to do the following:
  • View the Pattern Details (More about this below)
  • Print the pattern.
  • Share with Friends on Pinterest & Facebook
  • Receive Updates

This is an image of what you will see on the screen once you log in to the gallery. Here is the page you would see if you clicked on pattern No. 153:

The image above will show when you click on “View Pattern Details.” On the right, you can see that each pattern gives the exact measurements you need and how many times you will use the dies (if applicable).
There is also a “print this pattern” button. You can print patterns to have them right there with you while you work on your Mosaic Moments™ pages. Plus you can write notes if you need to. 
Don’t forget to tell your friends! From this page, you can share on Facebook and Pinterest. This is fabulous if want to introduce your friends to Mosaic Moments™ scrapbooking.


When you scroll to the bottom of the page you will also get details about the page examples that are seen on the prior view with the pattern. The image description tells the materials used to create the page.


Mosaic Moments™ Die Information

The gallery is great because all the patterns are color-coded to match the color on the die packaging. You will know, with just a glance, which die sets are needed to create each layout. You can find all of the dies at
Check out our machine compatibility page on to get shimming suggestions. 
We upload videos weekly to our YouTube channel. Currently, we have over 100 scrapbooking tutorials filled with helpful tips, new dies, papers, and patterns.  When a die collection is released there will always be a video to help you get started with your new favorite system.
See Candy’s instructions on using dies and Tami Potter’s directions on using the 1 in. grid die.