Simple Count & Cut System

Just Count & Cut

When using The Mosaic Moments™ Mat in combination with the Mosaic Moments™grid paper. Our Count & Cut technique makes creating a variety of pages simple. The distance between each of the thick lines on the mat is equal to one square on your Mosaic Moments grid paper (or 1 inch.) Each of the thin lines is equal to the small gaps (or one eighth inch spacing) between the squares.

To cover more than one square at a time it is necessary to account for the entire length or width of the area – both the squares and gaps. In the image (left) notice that the line of shells across the bottom of the page covers 5 squares and 4 gaps in width. To fit this space, simply count 5 thick lines and 4 thin lines on the Mosaic Moments™ Mat before you cut.

Mosaic Moments Cutting Mat Measures 14×14 inches. Available on

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