Fall in Love with Round Layouts

Love makes the world go 'round.

At Mosaic Moments®, round designs using the Horizon Dies bring out the love in us. Check out these beautiful samples and get ready to create your our own lovely roundness.

Dress It Up with Stickers

"Pumpkin Picking" by Paije - Pattern #477

This beautiful fall layout showcases  a large focal point in the center. The 2x4 Horizon Die (used at the top and bottom of the focal photo) connects the other pieces together around the focal photo.

Around the edge of the circle, Paije added stickers and die cuts. These help to outline the large circle.

Fill In with Close Ups

Two side-by-side photos create the focal point on the center of this layout. Both photos, and the mats, are cut using the 4x5 Horizon Die.

Around the border, Paije used close-up photos of hydrangeas to create a stunning circle.


"Summer at Belagio" by Paije - Pattern #446

Repurpose the Scraps

"Winter Time" by Paije - Pattern #s 446 & 228

Paije used the leftover pieces created when she cut out the circle as backgrounds and corners on her second layout. This is a great way to tie two layouts into one spread.

Create a Pinwheel

"Freedom Park" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #103

Pinwheel patterns are some of our favorites ... with the 3x5 and 2x3 Horizon Dies, you can make a fresh, round pinwheel.

Simple is Sweet

Layouts using the Horizon Dies can be super quick and easy. On this one, Paije used patterned paper around the edges and the 3x5 and 3x4 Horizon Dies to make a simple, but sweet layout.


"Happy 15th Birthday!" by Paije - Pattern #481

Bring on the Round

"EPCOT Adventure" by Paije - Pattern #482

When there is something round in your photos, like the EPCOT Center, here, turn your photos into a round shape. This would work for basketball, a Ferris wheel, cupcakes, beach ball, a new car, golf, soccer, baseball, well you get the idea ...

On this one, Paije created a large focal photo and then surrounded it with dies from the Horizon 3x5 A + B Die Set.

Have Fun with Paper

Take advantage of a fun subject to have fun with patterned paper. Here, Paije used multiple patterns to add to the fun of her fair layout.

She used the 3x5 and 2x4 Horizon Dies to make her circle.


"State Fair" by Paije - Pattern #335 (Rotated)

Focus in the Center

"Gardener Village" by Jodi Benson

The center photos on this layout really stand out. The two matted and layered photos in the center draw your eye right in. By using the 1x1 Horizon Die along the sides, there is room for both of the photos. (NOTE: The 1x1 Horizon Die used here is the one that comes with the 3x5 A + B Horizon Set).

Next, the eye automatically travels to the top and bottom photos, made with the 3x4 Horizon Die.

Finally, we love how the circle was completed by using photos of the clouds, along with the 3x3 Horizon Die.

Use Large Photos

This design is simple, but ideal when you have larger photos you want to use. It takes just six photos, and the 3x5 Horizon Die, the 4x5 Horizon Die and two sheets of paper. Simply cut, place and done!


"Basketball" by Danielle Lawson

Make it Vertical

"Mountain Orchard" by Paije Potter

When you have lots of vertical photos, the Horizon Dies are perfect. Notice on the sides how the 3x5 Horizon Die is used to allow the people in the photo to be nicely framed.

In the center, square photos are used with the 1x2 Horizon Die on the edge to complete the circle.