Designers Share Their 2019 Favorites

This year has been incredible at Mosaic Moments®. The products that were released in 2019 encouraged our creativity, pushed our boundaries and forced us to make stunningly spectacular layouts.

We asked each member of our design team to come up with their favorite 2019 release. With so many incredible new products, they refused to pick just one, likening it to selecting a favorite child. So, we let them choose their top three.

Here are our designers favorite products from 2019, complete with layouts showcasing their favorites. Check it out.

Sweetheart Dies


"Anniversary Trip" by Tami Potter - Pattern #344

The Sweetheart Dies were mentioned by most of the designers, so if we were taking a vote, they would be the favorite product of 2019.

The Sweetheart Collection offers so many different options, including a page filled with love, like Tami Potter created here.

You can also use just the a portion of the dies, like Andrea Fisher did here. She combined the Sweetheart Dies at top with the Mini Loop Border 1x3 Die at the bottom for a heritage layout.

"I like that I can easily work with heritage or vintage photos and preserve them with a classic look. I still think it has the feel of Battenberg Lace in a classic/vintage layout," Andrea said.

Mosaic Moments Preserving Ancestral Stories

"Ancestral Stories" by Andrea Fisher

Stitch Frames

Our newest release, Stitch Frames, is also a hit with our designers. It's wide border gives us a whole new way to accent our photos.

But, this collection also contains two technologies brand new to Mosaic Moments®.

First, the stitches on the frames are actually tiny hole, not just embossed images. So, you can grab a needle and thread and accent your layout in real stitches, like Paije Potter did here.

Second, the border that comes with one of the sets doesn't cut on the left and right edges. So, you can make the border any size you like -- from one square to fitting across the entire page.


"Pink Lady Apples" by Paije Potter - Pattern #467

Yukon Territory Grid Paper


"Sadie at Gettysburg" by Paije Potter - Pattern #437

The Yukon Territory Collection of Grid Paper also scored high. It's six colors, which include plenty of gray hues, match the colors in nature beautifully.

So, if you like earthy tones, or you take a lot of outdoor photos, this pack is perfect for you.

"Yukon Territory is my favorite collection since it is very versatile. And I love the 'textured' look to it," Paije said.

3x5 Horizon Set

The 3x5 Horizon Set A+B Die Set, allows you to make giant circles on Grid Paper.

But, the set also lets you create pinwheel designs, one of our favorite layout options, inside the circle. Notice on this layout from Jodi Benson how the circle photos all work around the feature photo in the center. Magnificent!

Of course, the pieces work with other dies in the Horizon Collection, as well, so your options are limited only by your imagination.


"Freedom Park" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #103

Bunny Hop Border

Mosaic Moments Happiness Collection of Grid Paper and the Bunny Hop Border Die set

"Easter Sunday 2018" by Andrea Fisher - Pattern #270

The Bunny Hop Border is a cute addition to the Mosaic Moments® collection of borders.

"I like the whimsy of the Bunny Hop Border and the options of having a variety of sizes," Andrea said. "While good for Easter, it’s perfect for baby pages too. Overall I like border dies that can fill in spots adding a little interest here and there."

Clover Set

The Clover Set has quickly become both a fan and designer favorite. It allows you to create four large, connecting circles on your page. But, there is also room for lots of artistic interpretation with this set.

"I love how the whole layout connects together," creator Tami said.


"The Dunes" by Tami Potter - Pattern #368

Hole in One


"Day in Tampa" by Paije Potter

The Hole in One Die offers a fun way to bring out the details.

It offers room for two photos -- one close up and one distance photo. It's ideal for highlighting an ornament on the tree, a flower in a flower bed, or, like Paije did here, an animal at the zoo.

"I love being able to put a photo within a photo," Paije said.

Grid Cards


"Happy Birthday" by Candy Spiegel

Grid Cards are life-changing additions to the Mosaic Moments® line. With them, we can send beautiful cards to our loved ones using all of our dies and scraps of paper. It's almost like being able to crop for free!

These versatile cards allow us to include our photos, like Candy Spiegel did here, with photos of her son.

Grid Cards can also be used to create beautiful designs without photos, like this stained-glass look created using the Double X Factor 2x6 Die.

"I love how thick the base cardstock is. You can feel the quality," Candy said. "Plus, the cards come pre-folded and with matching envelopes."


"For Mom" by Candy Spiegel

2x4 & 2x2 Filmstrips

Mosaic Moments New Filmstrip Dies

"Wayne & Holmes Counties" by Andrea Fisher - Pattern #164

Filmstrips remind us of the negatives we once used and are fun ways to highlight smaller photos on a layout.

The Film Strip 2x4 and 2x2 dies, released in 2019, provide more opportunities to embellish.

We love how Andrea used one of the filmstrip dies as a journaling block on this layout.

From Andrea: "[Filmstrip dies] are great places for photos of course, especially when you want several on a page, like a photo series, perfect for little kids reactions. They are also a perfect place for a little journaling along with the photos or instead of photos. Although we are living in a digital era, the filmstrip is iconic for shutterbugs. I like using them on travel  layouts the best."

Dynamic Set

The Dynamic Set allows you to create pages that are, well, dynamic.

The outline dies have notches in them so you can easily add diamonds and squares to your layout -- on top of, and around, photos or patterned papers.

The corners to the center square come as a separate die, so you can carefully cut from a smaller photo to make it fit a much larger space. Candy showcases this with the snow around the center journaling block.

"I love how the diamond shapes pop from the page when using this die set," Candy said.


"Autumn Snowstorm" by Candy Spiegel - Modified Pattern #402

Corner Strips


"Alexis 2012" by Paije Potter

Corner Strips were a real game changer. This look requires two sets of dies that work together. First, the Corner Strips Set and then the Corner Connector Die.

Together, they allow you to make an all new form of mosaic pages. And, they offer absolutely beautiful ways to frame a special photo.

Double X-Factor

The Double X-Factor 2x6 can be used to create beautiful patterns when used with other dies in the X-Factor Collection.

It blends seamlessly with the corners on the X-Factor 3x3 Set, like Jodi used here. Together, the sets create amazing patterns to frame your photos.


"Pick A Pumpkin" by Jodi Benson

Fresh N Fruity


"Maine" by Tami Potter

The Fresh N Fruity Collection of Grid Papers is a favorite of Tami's. The set includes three solid pastel papers and three that are color mixes.

Look at this layout featuring the Berry from the collection. These color mixes go with everything and really bring out the photos.

Prism Dies

And, just when we thought 2019 was about over and we had all of the new, beautiful products we were going to get, we got a surprise from Mosaic Moments®.

The Prism Dies are completely different than anything else we have. The set includes a small star, as well as a few dies that can make abstract flowers and bows, Christmas stars, and even a travel compass, depending on how you use them.


"Christmas Shop" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #392