8 Summer Layout Ideas that Take Scrapbookers to the Next Level!

As scrapbookers we are always trying to create pages that captivate our audience.

So, how do we take our pages to the next level and get our audience to say "wow"? We've put together 8 summer layouts that will show you how.

1. Fabulous Fringes!

"Cole at Water Country" by Tami Potter - Pattern #233

A simple pinwheel design is taken to a new level with a bit of photo fringe.

You can create this look with the 1"x1" Borders Die Set, Basic Die Bundle, and the Layering Die Bundle.

Tami cut just two sides of each photo into 1 inch squares, leaving a 4x4 square in the center. She matted each of the larger squares with a different color of cardstock. Matting was required for the photos to fit the grid and it gave them a little pop to catch the eye.

2. Mosaic with Discover Level Dies

Take your scrapbooking to the next level with Discover Level Dies like the Soft Corner Grid Die Set as Danielle did here.

I love how she used a patterned paper in the center of her mosaic of the Soft Corner Grid Dies and red card stock around the outside edges. Then she added two half circles of patterned paper to the top and bottom photos.

She took this this summer layout to the next level!


"Boogie Board Fun" by Danielle Lawson - Pattern #296 (adjusted)

3. Home Run

"Pool Time in Florida" by Tami Potter

Adventure Level Dies create leading lines that will take your pages to the next level. The Home Run Die 5x5 Die Set has great lines that are so fun to play with.

Tami's pool layout looks amazing with the Home Run Die. She only used the inner design spots for her photos; so, they created an awesome octagon shape! She filled the rest of the design spots with patterned wave and mermaid paper.

Try using the Home Run Die for your summer pool pages!

4. Dial

Did you notice that Jodi created a pie shaped mosaic in the center of her page?

She made sure the horizon was correct as she cut out her small Dial pieces.

The Dial die is one Adventure Level Die that can't help taking your scrapbook pages to the next level.


"Summer Outing" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #431

5. Steps 

"Water Country 2016" by Paije Potter

This is a layout that makes you want to take a closer look.

Paije really stepped it up with the Steps Die!  She has two sides of the Steps Die sandwiching two diagonal rows of 1x1's. This design is a great option for those days when you took A LOT of snapshots and you want to fit them all in!

She stepped it up again by cutting a sliver from the two long sides of her inner step shapes and layering it on yellow cardstock. This design step created a thin outline that makes the shapes pop.

6. X Factor

Customer favorite X Factor Dies always bring that special something to your scrapbooking pages.

Here, Paije's layout shows you how they take your summer scrapbooking to the next level. One photo takes up each design spot of Pattern #561 and each X Factor outline is in a light brown card stock.

Paije added a fun pop of color to some of the smaller pieces and tied it together in the center with a strip that goes across the focal mat. Don't you just love the little detail shots placed in the center of the sunset landscapes in the Double X Factor spots?

Try taking your summer layout to the next level with X Factor!


"Sailing on the York" by Paije Potter - Pattern #561

7. All Mosaic

"Arizona Lake" by Tami Potter - Pattern #160

Successfully creating an exclusively mosaic layout is the ultimate challenge in Mosaic Moments scrapbooking.

You can use the 4x6 in Grid die or the Double Sided Mat, with a ruler and craft knife, to make the 1x1 mosaic squares for your layout.

Blending here is key, and this is a great early example of Tami's mosaic prowess. Cutting out 1x1 squares is not difficult, with practice you can become the master of blending your photos together, to make amazing mosaics like Tami.

Here, not only did she keep the horizon line across the top of the page with numerous photos; but, she also created a shore line on the bottom right half of the second page.

8. Explore and a Little More!

"Beach Finds" by Lauren Jones - Pattern #560

Take your summer scrapbooking to the next level with Explore Dies.

Mosaic Moments Explore Level includes dies that fit the grid and don't take as much planning or time to cut. So, how can they take your pages to the next level?

Lauren shows you how!

She cropped her photos with the Layering Die Set and matted them on Heatwave Grid Paper using the Basic Die Bundle.

She used the Explore level  Chevron Die in the middle. Did you notice how she matched the inside of her Chevron Die with the Heatwave Grid?

Lauren added a classic photo mosaic at the top of her layout. She made it with the 1x1 Grid Die, a simple Discover Level Die.