10 Super Summer Scrapbook Ideas for Water Fun

Are you ready to create some super summertime memories!

We have put together 10 easy ways to scrapbook your summer adventures; so, you can maximize your relaxation time!

1. Family Splash Time

"Backyard Waterpark" by Danielle Lawson - Pattern #387

This page is so easy to make!

Danielle simply used the Basic Die Bundle, to cut her mats, and the Layering Die Bundle to cut her photos.

In the center of her layout, Danielle used a 2x2 sq photo and 1x3 strips, from the Basic Bundle, to create her own version of a strip frame design.

Her mats are all different coordinating shades of blue and they are on the Always Afloat Grid 12x12 grid.

This page is something amazing that you can easily create for your own water games!

2. Scenic Lake Vacation

Let your vacations photos get all the attention with this 3 column layout.

In her well balanced layout, Jodi used:

Numbers 3 on a strip of geometric patterned paper, the Layering Die Bundle to cut her photos, and the Basic Die Bundle to cut her mats - notice how four of them really stand out with a bright mat color.

She put everything on a Fresh Malt 12x12 Grid Paper. 

I'm ready to hit the lake and make a scrapbook page, aren't you?


"Beautiful Bloomington" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #457

3. At the Pool

"Summer Fun" by Lauren Jones - Pattern #430 & #356 (adjusted)

Lauren shows us how cute water scrapbook pages can be with her 2 page spread.

Lauren wanted to fit in a lot of photos. To keep it simple, and easy, she only used the Basic Die Bundle for her mats and patterned paper, Alphabet 3 and Numbers 3 for her date and title, and the Layering Die Bundle to cut her photos.

Her photos and fun pattern paper really pop on Blue 12x12 Grid Paper.

4. The Secret Swimming Hole

"Swimming Hole" by Danielle Lawson - Patterns #416

Don't you love layouts like this, where there are columns or rows of similar sized photos?

Danielle cropped her mats and photos using the Basic Die Bundle and the Layering Die Bundle. She put everything on Beach 12x12 Grid Paper. Under her focal photo she had plenty of room to journal and embellish with the  Wave Border Die.

This water fun page looks amazing - They'll never believe how easy it was to put together using Explore Level dies!

5. Rafting on the River

This layout by Paije is waves of fun!

She trimmed her Wave Border Die to fit on the grid on 1x3 sections where she wanted them. She also used Explore Level Film Strip Die to draw attention to some distance rafting shots.

She made her scrapping easier by choosing Board Shorts from the Summer Grid Collection, because it has multiple colors of blues, greens, and yellows, it adds more interest to her page without any extra work!


"River Rafting" by Paije Potter - Pattern #470

6. At the Lake

"Bear Lake Trip" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #239

B-E-A-R  L-A-K-E.  Sometimes a simple title can really make the page.

Jodi did a little easy embellishing with the Wave Border Die, Fishy Die Set,  and Alphabet 4. The bits of blue really pop next to the  Orange 12x12 Grid.

She used Explore level dies and kept her matting to a minimum. She only used her Layering Die Bundle three times.

This 8 photo layout was so easy; but, I think you'd agree, Jodi caught our attention with this one.

7. Tropical Relaxing

"Tropical Waterpark" by Paije Potter - Patterns #613 & #175 (both adjusted)

This tropical explosion doesn't look easy at all!

There seems to be a lot going on here. But sticking with Explore Level dies made this layout simple to design.

Paije cut her mats and photos with the Layering Die Bundle and the Basic Die Bundle. Then she embellished the open design spots with Tropical Flower Die SetTropical Border Die Set, and a few pieces of tropical patterned paper. She chose a beautiful light blue grid called Clear Skies from In the Garden Collection.

It's easy to create beautiful layouts just like these with Mosaic Moments!

8. Fun with Floaties

Danielle made a bright fun page that looks difficult as well.

She only used 3 Explore Dies: Layering Die Bundle, Basic Die Bundle, and Three Rings Die.

I love how she put little flamingos from a patterned paper in the little circles from the Three Rings Die.

This layout was perfect for the Cyclamen Pink Grid Paper. It really makes her water photos pop!

It also goes great with all of the actions shots she got. This is an easy and exciting water page.


"Flamingo Float" by Danielle Lawson - Pattern #461

9. Sand and Sea

"Splash N Dig" by Danielle Lawson - Pattern #531

Sometimes the Layering Die Bundle, Basic Die Bundle and a great pattern are all you need.

Danielle used  12x12 Sandstone Grid Paper and put a little spin on her page with her positioning of blue and brown mats.

Note that she didn't mat 1x4 ocean and sand photos on the top left and bottom right of her layout. They stand out as embellishing photos but at the same time just seem like an extension of the matted photos. It's a cool effect.

10. Waterpark Fun

Would you like to have a splash of color in your corner?

This page highlights how a small detail can be just the thing to make a simple page special. (Notice the little green Corner Tiles on the white photo mats.)

Paije put everything on bright Bahama Blue 12x12 Grid Paper and created an easy summer water page that looks so fun!


"Water Fun" by Paije Potter - Pattern #316