6 Fantastic Scrapbook Ideas for Disney Enthusiasts!

Mosaic Moments and Disney are BFFs because of the one great thing they have in common: Magic!

Here are 6 great ideas to help you create Mosaic Magic with your Magical trip photos. We may be focusing on Disney, but these tips can actually be applied with any epic trip!

Scroll below to see all 6 fantastic ideas!

1 - Photograph the Details


"California Trip" by Paije Potter - Pattern #395

Take photos of all the details during your next trip, to create beautiful layouts!

This layout shows a mosaic of a mosaic tile wall at California Adventure Park.

Disney puts so much detail into their parks - why not show it as an embellishment on your pages?

This Layout Features: 12x12 grid Royal Purple, Numbers 2 Die Set, and Basic Die Bundle.

2. Create a Crossword


"Disney Vacation" by Tami Potter

Make a Disney Crossword layout!

We take a ton of photos at Disney, and with a Mosaic Moments crossword page you can can showcase so many of them all at once!

With the grid paper you can line up each square perfectly, without any hassle!

This Layout Features: 12x12 grid Black, Mini Magical Cornerstone, and Basic Die Bundle.

3. Focus on Journaling


"I ❤️ Disney" by Paije Potter - Pattern #535

Make a list of things you love about Disney!

Paije made a list of her "whys', but it could also be your favorite characters, rides, moments, etc. You can type up the list or hand-write it for a personal touch.

Your journaling can be the star of your layout!

This Layout Features: 12x12 grid Black, Mini Magical Cornerstone, and Basic Die Bundle.

4. Match Your Embellishments to a Character


"Tangle Hearts" by Paije Potter - Pattern #445

Choose colors and embellishments based on a specific character!

Here, Paije used golden yellow and various purples based on Rapunzel's dress. She only used three photos but the embellishments tell the rest of the story...

...which creates a magical page!

This Layout Features: 12x12 grid Grape from the Fresh N Fruity Collection, Heart Die Set, Numbers 4 Die Set, Corner Grid Die, and Basic Die Bundle.

5. Scrapbook Your Souvenirs


"Minnie Purse" by Tami Potter

Scrapbook your favorite items and souvenirs from Disney!

Here, Tami took multiple photos of the illustrations shown on her bag and turned them into a mosaic.

Many of these items get tattered and thrown away eventually, so why not document your favorite things!

This Layout Features: 12x12 grid Black, and Basic Die Bundle.

6. Switch Up Your Colors


"EPCOT 2017" by Paije Potter - Pattern #430

Don't just use the red, black, and white color for your color scheme - change things up!

If you are stumped on color, look at different objects in your photos for inspiration.

The colors on this layout were inspired by one of the EPCOT buildings (shown on top left corner) and Figment.

This Layout Features: 12x12 grid Sunbrella from the Summer Collection, Discovery Die Set, Alphabet 2, Numbers 2, Layering Die Bundle, and Basic Die Bundle.