10 Techniques with the Strip Frame Die

Strip Frame Dies feature unique designs that help to highlight a detail on your photo. These types of dies are best described just by looking at their results, so here are 10 fantastic ways to use Strip Frame Dies.

4x6 Strip Frame Ideas

"Wild Africa Trek" by Paije - Pattern #364

Like a picture frame, you can use patterned paper with the Strip Frame Die to create a frame for your photo.

You can also cut the entire photo with the Strip Frame Dies. This technique works great with landscape photos.

Note: You will need to print your photo as a 5x7 in order to do this technique with the 4x6 Strip Frame Die.


"Carter Mountain Orchard" by Paije - Pattern #385


"Arizona Garden" by Paije - Pattern #186

That same technique is used here, but look at how it highlights the flower's center. Gorgeous.

When you are feeling particularly creative, try using a close-up photo as the frame around a distance shot.

Not only is this technique impressive, but it also tells us, at a glance, what this page is all about.


"Picking Strawberries" by Paije - Pattern #394


On this double spread, the 4x6 Strip Frame Die is used to highlight the focal photo on the left page. The right page features the 3x4 Strip Frame Die.

Notice how the Strip Frame Die is used to highlight a portion of each of the photos. The entire photo is still there, to provide scale and context, but the Strip Frame Dies help to draw the eye to a particular person or feature in the photos.

3x4 Strip Frame Ideas

"Hike to Tent Rocks" by Paije - Pattern #390

The smaller, 3x4 Strip Frame Die can do everything the larger die can do. But, you can cut a 4x6 photo with this one.

Using it in a pinwheel pattern gives you the option to highlight both vertical and horizontal photos.

Look closely at this one ... Paije used the Strip Frame Dies in the center row to showcase the drive.

But on each of the sides, she used the Strip Frame Dies to quickly cut photos of the leaves and patterned paper. Then she created her own pattern to display them in. Absolutely beautiful!


"Fall Drive 2011" by Paije


"Outer Banks 2018" by Paije - Pattern #457

Sometimes the impressive things we see in person do not translate quite as well in a photo. It happens with waves, mountains, forests, clouds and other things in nature.

On this layout, each of the wave photos are cut using the Strip Frame Dies. The die adds interest without taking anything away from the pictures and helps to add some of that impressiveness right back in.

3x3 Strip Frame Ideas

You can also create square Strip Frames using the 3x3 Strip Frame Die. This one works with a 4x6 photo, obviously, but it can also be great with a 4x4 photo.

Notice how the dies draw your eye to a detail in each photo.


"New Hampshire" by Paije - Pattern #427


"Spring Desert Garden" by Paije - Pattern #433

This layout showcases parts of the photos. If the photo on the top right, for example, was left whole, you might not notice the bird sitting atop the cactus.

The Strip Frame Dies really help to isolate portions of your photo. They are great for highlighting people, like in the top center photo, as well as creatures, like the hummingbird in the bottom center photo.