The Top 10 Dies to Get Started with Discover Level Scrapbook Pages

There are so many interesting and fun Discover Dies that it's hard to decide which to add to your die collection. But, whichever you decide to try next, we are confident it will be one of your new favorites!

Here are our designer's top 10 recommendations:

1. 5x5 Corner Die


"Beach Treasures" by Jodi Benson

5x5 Corner Die is simple and straight forward.

Try making those perfect corners by hand and you will see why having the die is a lifesaver! It makes a large frame so you can embellish or style the way you desire.

Grab a pattern paper you like, or mix up a couple coordinating papers, cut, place, glue and then you're done!

This Layout Features: 12x12 Faith Grid Paper from Happiness Collection, 5x5 Corner Die, Scallop Mat A Die Set, and the Basic Die Bundle

2. Corner Tile Dies


"Crescent Bay" by Paije Potter - Pattern #333

The Corner Tile dies can be used for simple or complex designs.

These types of layouts are a customer favorite. Paije used the Corner tiles to make a simple two paper design. The Corner Tiles come in four different sizes. Paije used the 2x2 size known as the Jumbo Corner Tiles and added fun breakfast stickers.

So Cute!

This Layout Features: 12x12 Fresh Cream Grid paper, Jumbo Corner Tiles, and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern paper and stickers from Doodlebug Design™. 

3. Half Circle 3x6 


"Panama City" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #661

If you want to make a circle using just two photos, try the Half Circle die.

This 3x5 sq. die is simple to use. In just four cuts you have a full circle!

The smaller half circle makes a great spot for embellishments, as you can see. We love how those corals and stars add a pop of color!

This Layout Features: 12x12 Twine Grid Paper from Nantucket Collection, Half Circle 3x6 Die Set, and Basic Die Bundle.

4. Splits Die Set


"Disney with Friends" by Tami Potter

The Splits die is so simple to use.

Use it as a background for your 4x6 photos or even split your photos in half! Be sure to watch for that sharp edge when you crop your photos.

Look at how Tami even used patterned paper with her die that matches her magical theme!

This Layout Features: 12x12 Brick Grid Paper, Splits Die Set, and Numbers 2 Die Set. Patterned paper from Echo Park™. 

5. 2x6 Soleil Die


"Sisters & Bridesmaids" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #647

The Soleil die set comes with two different sizes, but we recommend starting with the 2x6.

It makes a perfect circle around your page, which is a fun contrast to the standard squares and rectangles created on a grid.

This is the right die for you if you love adding lots of fun patterned paper.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Gratitude Grid Paper from Happiness Collection, the Soleil Die Set, Layering Die Bundle and the Basic Die Bundle. Patterned paper from Echo Park™.  

6. The Strip Dies


"Cole at the Gardens" by Paije Potter - Pattern #225

Strip dies are so simple with a one and done cut!

Who knew cutting your photos in strips would make your pages look so much more interesting and complex? There are four different sizes; but, we recommend starting with the 1x3.25 in. size.

You can also put two photos cut into strips side by side to create amazing panoramas across your layout!

This Layout Features: 12x12 Beachgrass Grid paper from Nantucket Collection, 1x3.25 Strip Die, Layering Die Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle

7. Corner Cut-Out


"Yorktown in the Fall" by Jodi Benson

The Corner Cut-out allows you to add room for more photos!

While we may currently not have any page patterns that work with these dies - the trick is to choose your center and then fill up the rest with corner cut-outs that will fit.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Purple Cabbage grid paper from Harvest Collection, Corner Cut-Out Set, and the Basic Die Bundle

8. Strip Frames


"New Hampshire" by Paije Potter - Pattern #427

The Strip Frames are easy to cut with, yet make beautiful designs.

Simply find a pattern paper with a section that will fit (for this layout, Paije used a pattern with 3x3 square blocks, which the 3x3 strip frame fits in that sized area).

One trick with the Strip Frames Dies is to take photos of people from far away and carefully center them in one of the strips of the frame.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Klondike Grid Paper, 3x3 Strip Frame Die, Layering Die Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle

9. The Grid Die


"Gem Mining" by Paije Potter - Pattern #154

You may already have the 1 in. grid die from your Basic Die Bundle and if you are ready for Discover level - it's time to try it out!

If you still feel overwhelmed by a larger mosaic design, find a pattern with a mosaic space that will fit a single photo like this page. It's a quick and easy way to start adding mosaics to your layouts.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Bleached Wood Grid Paper from Dockside Collection, Oval Frame Die Set, Layering Die Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle

10. Whimsy 2x6 & 2x2


"Daisy the Hedgehog" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #493

The Whimsy 2x6 is similar to the Soliel die.

But we love how this one looks like a giant frame on the page. Use the 2x2 Whimsy to create the corners. Again, this is perfect for patterned paper lovers!

This Layout Features: 12x12 Natural Weave Grid Paper from Lazy Days Collection, Oval Frame Die Set, Layering Die Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle