6 Christmas Scrapbook Ideas with Mosaic Moments

Article Updated: December 2020

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Each year you probably place a few Christmas layouts in your album (or maybe you have a whole Holiday album). But, after awhile it may feel like the layouts start to look very similar. In today’s post I help you gather some Christmas scrapbook ideas with different types of photos and layout themes. I hope you find a page idea that stands out and gets you inspired! So take a look at our 6 layouts below:

A Simple Gift Wrap Style with Family Portraits

Christmas scrapbook ideas

“All I want for Christmas” by Elizabeth Moon – Pattern #280

Tips From Elizabeth Moon: “This layout is reminiscent of a big stack of gifts, and reminds your loved ones that they are the best part of the holiday season.”

Easy Embellishment: “The ornament was made by tracing a mug and cutting out a big circle of glitter paper.  I added a band of white cardstock and hand-wrote “all I want for Christmas is YOU!” then topped with another bow.”

It’s a very simple layout, but the bold patterns and ribbons keep it from being boring.

Tip: You can also create this circle by using Mosaic Moments die sets: Circle Tiles & Tab, or Scallop Circle 3×3 Set.

List Your Favorite Things!

Have you ever made a list on your scrapbook pages? Christmas is the perfect time of the year to do that!

What can you list?

  • Your Wish List
  • Memorable Gifts
  • Why You love Christmas
  • Your favorite Holiday Memories

For my page I listed my family’s favorite characters from the Disney World Christmas parade. Since the photos are fun and bright it was appropriate to use a similar color scheme on the layout. Here I used bright greens, red, and white – perfect for fun holiday activities and kids.

Christmas Scrapbook Ideas
Christmas Scrapbook Ideas

“Holiday Parade” by Paije Potter – Pattern #179 & #279

A Unique Santa Layout

Christmas Scrapbook Ideas

“Christmas at Busch Gardens” by Tami Potter

If your holiday tradition is to meet Santa, the same photos may seem boring year after year. Instead of putting the photos in a frame or in your wallet, make a unique Mosaic Moments® layout with your Santa photos.

Suggestions for Santa Pages:

  • Use a Pattern with Larger Design Spots – Since portrait shots tend to be larger you want a pattern with large spots. You can find many of these under the “1-9 Image Spots” category.
  • Take Close Up Photos – take close up shots of a Christmas Tree, decorations, and presents to have ‘mosaic friendly’ photos. This adds interest to your pages.

A Non-traditional Color Scheme

This Christmas page stands out to me the most because it’s so different! I love all the blue ornaments that go across the page. It still says Christmas without using traditional Colors.

So what other colors could you choose? Here are some ideas:

  • Tropical Holiday: Bright Pink, Bright Green and White
  • Formal Holiday: Plum & Gold
  • Wintery Christmas: Various Blues, White & Silver
  • Gingerbread House: Brown with various bright colors such as pink, blue, green, yellow, & red
Christmas Scrapbook Ideas

“Sea World Holiday” by Tami Potter – Pattern #118

Scrapping Christmas Morning with Fun Borders

It’s important to scrap Christmas morning! We want to remember everyone’s reactions to opening gifts. Plus, over time it’s easy to forget what gifts we received. One way you can show off your gift photos is making borders on your pages.

I love the two borders! It makes the layout more decorative, and I love using the smaller design spots to fit extra photos. The main focus of this page is the kids holding their gifts. So I placed them in the larger design spots. I don’t need any big photos of the gifts, but it was great to add them to the smaller spots on the two borders.

Photo Tip: Take Photos of the Christmas Tree and wrapped gifts before the festivities begin. It’s less stressful to take these shots before the chaotic Christmas morning.

Christmas Scrapbook Idea
SCrapbook Christmas Layout

“Opening Presents” by Paije Potter – Pattern #277

An Insta-Christmas

Christmas Scrapbook Ideas - InstaChristmas

“Christmas at Disney” by Paije Potter – Pattern #275

I had the opportunity to celebrate Christmas at Disney World. Of course I took plenty of photos, including Instagram pics. I didn’t want to leave these on my phone, so it was a must to make a layout with them!

For Instagram pages, I recommend using the Mostly Square Patterns on the gallery.

Holiday Photo Ideas with Instagram:

  • Ornaments You Love – Create a page to tell the stories behind your favorite ornaments.
  • Holiday Treats – Gingerbread men, fudge, chocolate truffles, – so many photos to take!
  • Decor Scavenger Hunt – Can you find a wreath, a reindeer in the yard, etc. show all the fabulous decor you find!