How to Create Crossword Scrapbook Pages

Words are amazing and powerful things. They can make us laugh, cry, create outrage, or fill our hearts with compassion. Combine words with images and you might just have a masterpiece!

MM crossword wb

To make the process a little easier, I made a Mosaic Moments Grid Planner sheet. It made it easy to test words for a correct fit. I decided to use our names and some words that describe family.

STEP 1- Create a plan

MM CW plan wb

*Mosaic Moments Grid Plan sheet is available as a FREE Download at

STEP 2 – Print letters onto cardstock

CW step1

Once I had a plan I designed one inch squares, with the letters I needed, and printed them onto cardstock. FREE Download Available. If you don’t have a printer available you could use alphabet stickers, stamps, or handwritten letters.

TYPE TIP: Make sure the letters adequately fill the 1 inch square space. It will result in a more pleasing visual impact.

STEP 3 – (optional) stamp each square.

CW step2


STEP 4 – (optional) ink edges.

CW step3


STEP 5 – place letter squares on Mosaic Moments Grid Paper as planned.

CW step4


STEP 6 – add photos.

CW step5

I used a couple of 4×6 photos (cut to fit the grid) to block in the larger spaces; but, most were printed as thumbnails – 9 up on a 4×6 sheet.

CW step6

Using a one inch square punch makes it really easy to create one inch squares out of thumbnail prints.

MM crossword wb

I love the finished result. Don’t you think this idea will make a fabulous gift? Just change the words & photos to create custom designs for your favorite people, new moms, newly or to-be-weds, sisters, friends, spouse, neighbors…