Discovering Mosaic Moments™ – The System

Method to My Madness

When I made that first photo mosaic, I didn’t know how it would all come together. I just drew a grid on a sheet of 12×12 cardstock and started cutting up pictures. In the course of cutting, I started noticing little shadows, objects, and areas of interest that I hadn’t noticed when the photo was in one big piece. It made the whole process very interesting to me. I enjoyed the challenge of blending things, making it difficult to see where one picture ended and another one began. It was fun, like putting together a puzzle with all square pieces. After I had been making photo mosaics for a while, I started planning them in advance. I would see something and would think, “that is going to make a great photo mosaic,” as I snapped pictures. Making things look like they were one big picture became my new goal. Designing photo mosaics has really changed the way I take pictures. I think about getting both portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) shots. I try to get a variety of angles, shoot both close up and distant shots, and take pictures of things I would have never considered taking pictures of before. Thank goodness for digital cameras!

Another thing that happened along the way… 

I discovered that grid paper makes great scrapbook pages, even when I am not making a photo mosaic. I began using it for all my pages – it is spectacular for easy aligning – no more measuring from the edge of a page with a ruler to make sure my photos are straight or square with the page. I simply cut the photos into pre-determined sizes, use the grid marks to line them up, and voila! everything fits together. I am so excited about this system for scrapbooking. It truly makes my life easier. My pages go together faster and they look fabulous every time. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.