10 Ideas for Creating with Corner Tiles

Article Updated: March 2020

You can create a variety of designs that add color and interest to your pages using the Mosaic Moments® Corner Tiles Die. Take a look at the pages below and see how we've used the Corner Tiles Die to create chevron patterns, pinwheel patterns, fun frame effects, and bold horizontal stripe designs.

The Mosaic Moments™ CornerTiles die cuts 12 corner shapes that are Sized to fit the Mosaic Moments™ Grid.
Die is available at snapncrop.com

Winter Chevron Design by Andrea Fisher

Winter Chevron Design by Andrea Fisher

Angled Stripe design by Tami Potter

Diamond Frame Design by Andrea Fisher

Herringbone Design by Andrea Fisher

Half Diamond Border Design by Tami Potter

Stripes with Stars by Paije Potter

Fall Herringbone Design by Paije Potter

Hourglass Design by Paije Potter

Heart Design by Andrea Fisher

Designing with Corner Tiles

Here are just a few of the fun ways you can dress up your pages using CornerTiles to create designs.

More Great Ideas in our How to Videos: