Amaze your Friends with These 7 Dies

Your layouts using the Mosaic Moments™ system look great! However, they can look even more incredible with the help of some unique dies. Check it out.

Full Circle 4x4 Die

The Full Circle 4x4 Die is fun to highlight a photo or two.

But look what happens in the center when you join four die cuts together. It's magical! 


"Banshee Rookery" by Tami Potter - Page Pattern #133

Angles Die (2x4)


"Provo" by Tami Potter - Page Pattern #360

The Angles Die is another one that is nice on it's own, but incredible when combined multiplied.

By adding some patterned paper and cardstock and repeating it four times, it creates an amazing frame for the focal photo on this layout. 

Circle Corner Die Set

The Circle Corner Die Set also allows you to create an incredible focal point.

But the fun doesn't end there.

This magical set helps you turn four seperate photos into one ... look closely and you will see what we mean.


"Circle of Life" by Tami Potter - Page Pattern #133

Corner Cut Out Squares


"Under the Sea" by Paije

Before this die was created, only the most advanced and patient of us could create a look like this.

Not only does the Corner Cut-Out Squares Nested die set makes it easy, but it adds an elegant contrasting border, as well.

Jumbo Corner Tiles Die Set

The Jumbo Corner Tile is a simple die ... it's half of a 2x2 square.

But, when you alternate it and twist it and multiply it, all sorts of incredible designs occur.

Just look at this beautiful zig-zag design Paije created from her extra photos. Amazing! 


"Crescent Bay" by Paije - Page Pattern #133

Horizon Die Set


"Springtime" by Paije - Page Pattern #344

This unique die set is a must have.

Just imagine the ability to turn your photos into a full-page circle! That's the reality when you work with the Horizon Die Set.

X Factor

Take your pages to an entirely new dimension with the incredible  X Factor dies.

This set of three dies work together, or individually, to create an unlimited array of designs.

It's simply x-citing. 


"Carsland" by Paije - Page Pattern #344