8 Pet Scrapbook Page Ideas with Mosaic Moments Dies

Your pets are your life.

They give you someone to love, give you love and devotion in return, lower your blood pressure, and keep you cleaning! Who better to keep in your scrapbooks than our fluffy, scaley, or feathered friends?!

Scroll down for 8 great pet layouts to inspire or 'scraplift' for your scrapbooks.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm


"Riley & Kiwi" by Lauren Jones - Pattern #432

Your pet bird photos will look amazing on the Mosaic Moments® System.

A simple layout can still look extraordinary. Lauren picked a 12x12 Grid that enhanced her photos and blue mats that gave her page contrast. She placed similar photos on the top and bottom of her page and on either side of her center and focal photos creating that balanced professionally designed look.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Spare Time grid paper from All Season Collection, Alphabet 3 die sets,  Layering Die Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern Paper from Simple Stories™. 

Turtle Trouble


"Tommy Turtle" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #586

Turtle pets deserve scrapbooking love too!

Jodi doubled up on mats from the Layering Die Bundle for her center focal photo and close up turtle shot. She also used coordinating patterned papers with detailed designs and wood grain texture to add even more interest to her turtle layout.

This tiny turtle named Tommy will be forever remembered with this well designed page.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Storm Clouds grid paper (discontinued), Alphabet 4 die sets,  Layering Die Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern Paper from BasicGrey™ and BoBunny™. 

The Loyal Best Friend


"Sadie 2016" by Paije Potter - Pattern #579

There's no better friend than a dog.

Your dog has a big personality and more love to give than you can even receive. Paije highlights the many faces of her corgi, Sadie for this dog scrapbooking page. She picked the top eight photos of her pup from 2016. She chose the perfect pattern, #579 that has design spots not only for Sadie's photos, but for a full page frame and room for 2x2 Numbers with a classy paw print for the "0".

There's a whole lotta love shining through those puppy dog eyes on this layout.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Graphite Grey Grid Paper, 2x2 Numbers #4, Paw & Bone die set, Layering Die Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern paper from Simple Stories™.

A Cats a Cat and That's That


"Here Kitty" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #835

You cat lovers know there's no better pet than a cat.

Your lap will never be cold and you'll never scrapbook alone if you have a kitty. Jodi's cat has adorable pink ears, nose, and paw beans. She used 12x12 Gratitude grid paper that really picks up those soft pink tones. She even used the backside of a piece of Gratitude to fill in her flower die cuts so it looks seamlessly like the background grid.

Blink at your kitty (to tell her you love her) after you make this cat scrapbook page.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Gratitude Grid Paper from the Happiness Collection, Circle Frame and Flowers die set, Layering Die Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern paper from Doodelbug Design™.

Hedgehog X-ing


"Daisy the Hedgehog" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #493

Hopefully your hedgehog isn't as old as the 'quills' and you have lots more time to create memories for pages like this one.

Jodi used the Whimsy dies to frame the most adorable hedgehog, Daisy. If you have interesting creatures afoot, don't let them be shy - scrapbook them. Put four of their best poses in the center of your layout or use one of these design spots to journal their current 'going ons'.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Natural Weave Grid Paper from Lazy Days Collection, Whimsy 2x6 and 2x2 die sets, Alphabet and Numbers 2 die sets, Layering Die Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern paper from Simple Stories™. 

Birds of a Feather, Flock Together


"Backyard Flock" by Lauren Jones - Pattern #723

Backyard chickens do more than lay eggs.

They each have their own personality, mannerisms, and there's even a flock hierarchy. If you keep chickens, you'll have your favorites - don't forget to get a photo of your helpful food producing pets. Lauren framed her favorite chickens with the Soleil dies. They created a large full page circle with three picks of her favorite hens and rooster.

Put these backyard feathered friends in your scrapbooks.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Cabin Wood grid paper from Lazy Days collection, Soleil die set, Layering Die Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern paper from Carta Bella™.  

Snow Puppy


"Backyard Snow Fun" by Paije Potter - Pattern #478

Make sure your pup has photos in all the seasons.

Here Paije took photos of Sadie frolicking in the winter snow. She used the On the Dot dies to make a center mosaic with circles for small action shots of Sadie.

Scrapbooking your pet has never been 'snow' much fun!

This Layout Features: 12x12 Persimmon grid paper from Fresh N Fruity Collection, On the Dot 4x4, On the Dot Bow, Layering Die Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern paper from PhotoPlay™.

Adventure Hikes with Your Pup


"Hike to Humpback Rocks" by Paije Potter - Pattern #477

Use Adventure Dies (L3) with your pet adventures photos.

Strong lines make your high adventure pet photos look even more exciting. The Crisscross (L3) die sets are 'purr-fect' for the mountain hikes you take with your dog. The lines of the Crisscross dies connect all the photos and bring your eyes quickly around the page creating movement and extra adventure. There's also so many design spots that you'll even have room for journaling as Paije did above.

Your 'dog-o' will give his paw of approval.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Energy Drink grid paper from Cool Drinks Collection, and the Crisscross die Collection. Pattern paper from Simple Stories™.