Break Away Die


Time to Break Away!

The Break Away Die set is full of options!

The pieces included can be used to create a variety of arrangements that fit the grid.

The example shown here shows both 4 sq x 5 sq and 4x4 sq arrangements.

The dark blue paper shown is added as a layer.

Below you'll find three ideas that aren't shown on your project cards.

What You will Learn in this video:

  • How to place the Break Away die pieces together to make a 4x6, 4x5, and 4x4 shape.
  • How to Cut & glue the Pieces
  • Bonus Tip on How to break up a 4x6 photo with the dies
  • Various orientations and options with the dies
  • How to use the little layering dies in the Break Away set
Pattern #767
Pattern #548

Patterns used to create pages above.

More Ways to Break Away

A Second Look

This fall page spread has a alternate ending!

Our first page shows a design with 4x4 and 4x6 mats built with the Break Away Die set.

The companion page, shown below, takes us to a new level with layering.

See how to break away from the basics below.


To add an extra hexagon shape to the middle, Paije created two 4x5 sized shapes with the Break Away die set.

Notice the two bottom photos - they are placed to the outer left and outer right  of the page.

This will leave space for a third hexagon.

This alternate design shows the same page but, with a third hexagon shaped  photo in the middle of the row.

Pattern #756 - second page with two options.
Pattern #769 - first page shown above

Focus In

5X7 photos were used to create a different look on this two page spread.

Pattern #243
Pattern #765