10 Ideas with Symmetrical Page Patterns

Many people think symmetrically, with things balanced on each side. They may place two pillows on the couch -- one at each end, or two candlesticks on the table with a basket of fruit in between. They probably do not even realize they are doing it; they just know it looks nice.

The same concept can apply to art. When we create a scrapbook layout with equal-sized elements on each side of the middle, we call it a symmetrical page.

There are hundreds of symmetrical page patterns in the Pattern Gallery simply because they are pleasing to our eye. You can find them by clicking on the drop down menu under "Select Category."

Check out these 10 examples to get inspired to create symmetrical scrapbook layouts.

Dress It Up

"Sadie" by Paije Potter - Pattern #131

Symmetrical patterns can be mirror images surrounding an imaginary line down the middle of the page. But they do not have to be boring.

Here, Paije used hearts, a flower and sticker letters to up the interest, and cute factor, in her layout.

Try a Mosaic
Putting a mosaic in the middle of a layout adds a unique touch. Since it is centered on the page, it still maintains the symmetry of the layout. But, it also provides a nice bit of context -- showing where the mining is taking place.

"Gem Mining" by Paije Potter - Pattern #154

Repeat Elements

"Holiday Stress" by Paije Potter - Pattern #177

When you need to fill in some areas of the grid, try taking a close-up photo that goes with your theme and repeating it on each side of the layout. This creates a nice balance and adds to the feel of the page.

Here, Paije used close-up photos of Christmas bulbs, but you could also try crayons or chalk, cookie cutters, a brick sidewalk, pinecones, pumpkins, beach sand, well, just about anything!

Include Journaling
When you have a bit to say about the photos in your layout, symmetrical patterns work exceptionally well. Often, there are blocks of varying sizes that can easily be replaced with journaling, like Tami did on this one.

"Disney Springs" by Tami Potter - Pattern #202

Mix It Up

"Unless Someone Cares" by Paije Potter - Pattern #226

This Dr. Seuss-inspired layout is symmetrical from both left to right and top to bottom. To add some interest, Paije mixed up the mosaic tiles she used in the center to make it a bit more random.

Spread Out the Date
We love how Tami placed the first half of the date on one side of this layout and the second half on the other side. This pattern would allow for the date to be altogether on the bottom row. However, by spreading it out, she forces the viewer to drag their eye from one side of the layout to the other.

"Alexis in Williamsburg" by Tami Potter - Pattern #309

Group it in the Center

"Discovery Cove" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #352

This layout puts all of the smaller elements in the center, creating a unique focal point.

By repeating the items on each side of the center photo, it creates stripes that carry the eye to each side of the page.

Repeat on Each Side
For this layout, Paije repeated the same die cut on each side of her layout. In addition to providing symmetry, this treatment draws attention to the focal point at the center.

"Diagon Alley" by Paije Potter - Pattern #355

Add a Circle

"Route 66" by Tami Potter - Pattern #402

Creating a large circle in the center of the layout also creates a beautiful focal point. And, it's easy with a symmetrical pattern, like this one.

Add a Title
Symmetrical layouts may also include long strips that are perfect for creating titles. Simply hand cut the strip of paper and then use Mosaic Moments® dies or sticker letters to spell whatever you wish.

"Awesome Con" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #430