10 Scrapbook Ideas with the Strips Patterns

When you want to make something truly unique, try strips.

Strips are exactly what they claim, 1-inch-wide pieces of photos or paper that fit the grid perfectly. It's a look rarely seen outside of the world of Mosaic Moments® because without the grid, the look is difficult to achieve.

Strips can be cut with dies or with the Mosaic Moments® Double-Sided Self-Healing Mat.

They can be used to create a faux panoramic, a unique accent, or an interesting design for your page.

Check out these examples below ...

Enhance the Landscape

"Yellowstone" by Paije Potter - Pattern #195

We are not sure why, but cutting a landscape photo into strips somehow makes it more beautiful. You will have to try it for yourself to experience the magic.

Add an Accent

Placing small photos that have been cut into strips on either side of your layout is a fun way to accent the main photos.

You could do two different photos or split one photo, like Paije did here.


"Winter on the James" by Paije Potter - Pattern #196

Surround it in Details

"The Johnson's Fall" by Tami Potter - Pattern #261

How beautiful is this landscape? We love that Tami added the close-up photos of the leaves around the larger photos of the landscape. Together, they transport us to this amazing location.

Create a Panoramic

With strips, you can take consecutive photos and turn it into a beautiful panoramic. Paije used three photos to create this beautiful scene.

Learn more by watching Paije's step-by-step video by clicking here.


"Beehive Basin" by Paije Potter - Pattern #321

Mix Up the Sizes

"View of the Mist" by Paije Potter - Pattern #439

Using multiple lengths of strips in your design helps the panoramic blend in with the rest of your layout.

Look at how interesting the tree becomes when tucked inside the strips at the bottom.

Try Pattern Paper

"Pandemic Family Photo" by Candy Spiegel - Pattern #492 (slightly adjusted)

Strips can be cut from any paper or cardstock, as well. Using pattern paper is a great way to set the mood or showcase the theme of your layout.

While this one is about Covid-19, you could easily do one with birthday or school papers, holidays, or any seasonal print.

Set the Scene

Strips are also a fun way to incorporate the overall scene into your design.

This way, viewers get to see the overall location, as well as the pictures of you there.


"Winter Break at Disney" by Tami Potter - Pattern #504

Turn Them Sideways

"Paije at Bryce Canyon" by Paije Potter - Pattern #559

Strips do not have to be vertical. Here, Paije used horizontal strips to showcase the canyons.

We love how to she placed the names right in the middle of the rock photos.

Split With a Strip

A gorgeous landscape needs to be the focus, even it takes lots of photos combined to recreate it.

Here, Paije used multiple photos to create a beautiful faux panoramic. By adding a title strip across the center, she made it look like all of the photos match up perfectly. Amazing.


"Yellowstone National Park" by Paije Potter - Pattern #578

Make it Work

"Lake Huron" by Candy Spiegel - Pattern #588

For this design, Candy did not have enough photos to go all the way across, so she added strips of pattern paper to the edges to finish her faux panoramic.

Note: Cameras, or phones, on automatic settings may change those settings so your photos come out different colors -- even if they are taken at the same time.

To help soften the difference between these two photos, Candy created a journaling block to place in the middle of her faux panoramic. This way, you still see the vastness of the Great Lake.