7 Scrapbook Layouts with Pockets

Adding pockets to your Mosaic Moments® layouts is a great way to add journaling, additional photos, or memorabilia to your pages. They also allow you to create a fun, interactive layout on the grid.

The Nested Pocket Die Set from Mosaic Moments® makes adding a pocket easy. The sides and bottom of the pocket fold in to create a bit of space to hold ephemera. This set includes three different sizes and each one easily replaces one of the blue squares on the page patterns.

Check out these seven ideas to see some ways to use and decorate your pockets and get your creativity flowing.

Tuck in the Journaling

"Picking a Fight with a Flamingo" by Candy Spiegel - Pattern #163

Sometimes there is a story to tell that you do not want to share with people who glance at your project. Or, you may not want the journaling to take away from your photos. In those cases, a pocket is perfect.

For this one, Candy used washi tape and a decorative brad to decorate the pocket.

For the tag inside, she used the Basic Die Bundle to cut a piece of cardstock and then trimmed off the corners with scissors. She then added an eyelet and twine to turn it into a tag.

Add Extra Photos

There were too many photos to fit on this layout, so Candy put the extras in the pockets.

If you wish to be able to access the pocket through a page protector, you can carefully cut a slit in the page protector at the top of the pocket with a craft knife and straight edge.

Next, place the layout, minus the extra photos, in the page protector.

Finally, place the photos in the pocket through the page protector.

They will then be easily accessed through the protector while your layout is safely inside.


"Fun in the Pool" by Candy Spiegel - Pattern #118

Place Memorabilia Inside

"Universal 2020" by Paije Potter - Pattern #340 (slightly adjusted)

A pocket is a great way to include brochures, post cards, tickets and other memorabilia from a trip.

This pocket, with a photo on the front of it, holds the ticket from the theme park and the resort hotel room key from Paije's vacation.

Put a Tagline in the Pocket

Tami used a Thanksgiving Tagline in this pocket and placed decorative dies on the front of the pocket to dress it up a little.

Taglines are quotes and/or poems, many written by Tami, for all sorts of moments, holidays and activities. Click here to see the collection.


"Grateful" by Tami Potter - Pattern #440

Hide a Letter

"7 Years" by Paije Potter - Pattern #495

Since the contents of the pockets are not accessible without removing the page from the page protector or cutting a slit in the protector, they can be used to conceal things you want to remember but do not want everyone reading.

Here, Paije wrote a letter to herself and placed it in the pocket. You could do the same with goals, ideals, plans, or other things too personal for anyone else to read. This is also a great way to record those funny, but embarrassing moments in a child's life -- things you want to remember and share with them when they get older, but do not want anyone else seeing them.


At the end of letter, Paije included information about when and where each photo was taken.

A similar approach would be great for a year-in-review layout or school-years layout, where pictures are included from different times and events. Then, you can tuck it in the pocket so it doesn't interfere with the overall design of your layout.

Include Important Documents

This layout, showing the first pictures of Charlie after adoption, includes a secret pocket for holding the information about him from the breeder, as well as early vaccination records.

You could do something similar with copies of birth certificates or marriage licenses, hunting licenses, boater's safety certificates, driver's education permits and other mementos of historic events in a person's life.


"Meet Charlie" by Candy Spiegel - Pattern #584

Include Family Letters

"Elaina & Charly" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #567

This layout by Jodi contains a wonderful idea for a birthday layout, baby or graduation page. Family members, including parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles each wrote a note to the girls pictured.

Then, Jodi created different sized pockets to hold each of the letters. For now, the girls will enjoy looking at a beautiful layout and when they get older, they will get to read the notes from their loved ones. Such a treasure!