Top 3 Vacation Photos You Should be Taking For Your Scrapbook!

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What kind of photos do you take during a trip? Are you keeping your scrapbook pages in mind when you take them? Today I am giving you the top 3 types of vacation photos you should be capturing on every trip! With these photos, you can make your scrapbook layouts look AMAZING!

1. Don’t Miss the Little Details

Whenever I go on a trip, I do my best to keep mosaic pages in mind. So, I look for the little details such as lovely flowers, patterns, textures, clouds, etc. Look for the little things that could make a great mosaic!

Here are some of the textures I found on my Puerto Rico Trip:

Vacation Scrapbook

Aren’t these textures beautiful and amazing?! Most people would walk by and never even notice these details. They seem insignificant. But, hopefully you can learn to see the beauty in the small things. I used one of these photos on my layout:

Vacation Scrapbook
2. Show the People!

Okay, this may seem obvious, but there is actually an important reason to add someone (or a group) in a photo. That reason is Scale and here is why:

Have you ever taken a picture of a very large object? This could be a mountain, a giant tree, or a large building. You finally print it off at home and it doesn’t seem as grand as when you saw it in person. The way to fix this is getting someone in your photo to scale the object.

I made my husband stand next to this structure to show it was large enough to fit one person inside.

3. Get the Panorama Shots!

Every time I see beautiful scenery or a long structure, I make sure to get some panoramic shots so I can create awesome mosaics later. This isn’t always taken in one shot – sometimes you have to take multiple photos to get the whole scene. Here are some tips to take panoramic photos:

  • Turn your camera portrait orientation – This will help you get more details such as the sky and ground in the picture.
  • Try to Stay on the Same Horizon Line – Some cameras have a panorama setting that will help you with this. Try to keep your arms out the same distance while you turn for each shot.
  • Leave in about 20% of the previous shot – After your first shot, don’t guess where the next will start. Slide or turn your camera so about 20% of your previous photo is seen in the next shot.

When you get home you can blend your photos together to create a mosaic or strip panorama image*. This will help the viewers get the full setting and make you feel as if you were still at that spot!

*A Note On Panorama Images –

All of the photos you see here were created with multiple 4×6 images. I would consider creating the panoramic image of this building to be an advanced level skill.

For Beginners – For your first panorama, start with detail shots such as flowers or rocks when you create a mosaic. These objects blend together easily.

Intermediate – After creating a few mosaic pages, try making a panorama of scenery. You can get more tips in Andrea’s Article, “Getting the Big Picture”.

Advanced – Structures such as the one I did above, can be more tricky to blend together. Be careful to align everything correctly.

The Final Result:

“San Juan” by Paije Rodriguez

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