Scrapbooking Patterns for Cornerstones

Do You Love Cornerstones? These cute embellishments add a little spark to your Mosaic Moments™ pages. But, now that you have a collection of Cornerstones, the question is: where do you place these on your page? For today’s post I gathered scrapbooking patterns from each category in the gallery that will fit 2×2 Cornerstones. This way you will have a lot of options to choose from! So check out my list of Cornerstone friendly patterns below.

Just a Note: For those of you who are new to Mosaic Moments™, Cornerstones are laser cut embellishments that fit on the grid. Some of them are also available as a dies, so you can make them over and over again. Plus, you can use various card-stock colors and patterned papers. See the full collection on

1. Easily Fit Cornerstones with Pinwheel & Mostly Square Patterns

You might be familiar with the pinwheel and mostly square scrapbooking patterns. Many of these layouts have room for 2×2 Cornerstones, so here is a brief description of both:

Scrapbooking Patterns - pinwheel

“LOVE” by Theresa Amlong – Pattern 116, featuring Love Birds Cornerstone

The majority of the pinwheel patterns have a 2×2 design spot right in the center. A Cornerstone is the perfect element to fill this space. It gets a lot of attention even though the rest of the design spots tend to be larger.

Scrapbooking Pattern - squares

“Easter with the Potter Cousins” by Paije Rodriguez – Pattern #175, featuring the Velveteen Rabbit Cornerstone

The ‘mostly square’ patterns tend to have plenty of space for Cornerstones. Check out my previous post to learn about these layouts. The image above is one of my favorite patterns and I love how you can use the border in the center to place decorative Cornerstones.

2. Placing it in a Column Pattern

Currently, the two patterns below are the only ones in the column category that fit 2×2 Cornerstones. But, the good news is that both of them allow you to use multiple Cornerstones. Learn more about these two fabulous layouts below:

Scrapbooking Patterns - Column

“Elizabethan Gardens” by Paije Rodriguez – Pattern #214, featuring the Encircle Cornerstone Die

This is one of my favorite patterns on the gallery, plus it can fit up to four 2×2 Cornerstones. If you want to fill all four spots with Cornerstones, I highly recommend using the architectural designs. They provide a nice design without seeming too over powering or busy on the page. I love that you can make beautiful, decorative borders with this pattern.

Scrapbooking Patterns - Columns

“Alexa” by Shannon Johnson – Pattern #255, featuring the Oops-E-Daisy Cornerstone

You could fit up to five Cornerstones on this layout, but this might look a little busy. I recommend using 2-3 Cornerstones, and using the rest of the squares for patterned paper or photos. Make sure your Cornerstones match the theme on your page. In this case, the oops e daisy Cornerstone goes well with the floral patterned paper.

3. How Many Cornerstones can You Fit in a Row?

If you want to add multiple Cornerstones, or want to fit them on a border, Row patterns are the way to go! You can see several patterns that will fit 2×2 Cornerstones on the gallery, but here are two great examples below:

Scrapbooking Patterns - Rows

Disneyland 2012 by Paije Rodriguez – Pattern #224, featuring the Magical Cornerstone

I love how on this pattern, you can have a Cornerstone in each corner. It adds a little interest to the page. This layout is also a great choice if you want to add large title as shown above.

Scrapbooking Patterns - Rows

“Maymont 2001” by Tami Potter – Pattern #248, featuring Giovanni Cornerstone

Here is an example of a Cornerstone placed in a border. Here, one was placed in the center, but you could also add two more on the outer edges. I love that Cornerstones can create decorative borders.

4. Playful Puzzle Patterns

Puzzle patterns are already so fun, but why not make them even more so with a Cornerstone? Check out two of these wonderful layouts below to see how we incorporated these fun embellishments:

Scrapbooking Patterns - Puzzle

“An Evening in Colonial Williamsburg” by Paije Rodriguez – Pattern #173, featuring the Deer Cornerstone

Here the Cornerstone spot isn’t necessarily the center of attention. But it is placed as a little surprise element. A Cornerstone can just be a cute accent on your page, rather than being the main focus.

Tip: Have you ever placed pattern paper behind a Cornerstone? If you plan to add patterned paper to your page, consider using some as the background.

Scrapbooking Patterns - Puzzle

“Making the Most of March” by Tami Potter – Pattern #190, featuring the Song Bird Cornerstone

Unlike the previous pattern, in this one the Cornerstone is the center of attention. Your eye draws to it very easily, while the photos fill the outer layers of the page.

When you are deciding on what pattern to use with your Cornerstone, ask yourself – Do I want the Cornerstone to be the main focus and get a lot of attention? Or do I want it on the side as a ‘special’ or ‘surprise’ element.

5. Mix it with Mosaics!

There are not very many mosaic layouts that will fit Cornerstones. But, luckily I found two that will! If you have any photos that you would love to make into a mosaic look, but would also like to fit a Cornerstone, definitely take a look at these:

Scrapbooking Patterns - Mosaic

“Japenese Gardens” by Sandi Keene – Pattern #126, featuring the Beijing Cornerstone (now available as a Die)

This is a lovely symmetrical layout! You can add four Cornerstones on this page, which is fantastic! This is a great pattern if you have some detail shots, such as flowers, leaves, etc.

Scrapbooking Patterns - Mosaic

“Austin, Texas” by Tami Potter – Pattern #162, featuring Four Letter Year Cornerstone (available as number die set)

Do you love the mosaic border on the side? I do! Plus, you get to fit a cute Cornerstone on this pattern.

Tip: This layout can easily be made into a two page spread. Just mirror the pattern in your 2nd page.

6. Add some Pizazz to Symmetrical Patterns

If you like to add multiple Cornerstones to your pages, symmetrical patterns are the best! The two patterns below could fit up to 4 Cornerstones. Check them Out!

Scrapbooking Patterns - Four Square

“A Colonial Autumn” by Paije Rodriguez – Pattern 109, featuring the Fleur De Lis Cornerstone Die

If you want to fit up to four Cornerstones on the same page, pattern #109 is a great choice! I didn’t use a lot of photos on my layout, but the Cornerstones definitely add some interest. There is quite a bit of space to also add patterned paper mainly in each corner and on the two 2×4 blocks.

Scrapbooking Patterns

“Theodore Roosevelt National Park” by Paije Rodriguez – Pattern 181, featuring Southwest Cornerstone Die

On this pattern you could also fit four Cornerstones, but it might look a little busy. I suggest only using two on this pattern. This is a lovely layout if you have one photograph you would like to be a mosaic, plus there is a very long title spot.

7. A Strip Pattern for Cornerstones
Scrapbooking Patterns for Cornerstones - Beehive Basin

“Hike to Beehive Basin” by Paije Rodriguez – Pattern #195, featuring a Compass Cornerstone

This is one of my favorite strip patterns because of the row of 2×2 squares.

I love the row of squares for adding detail photos, but you could also use it for Cornerstones. For my page, I actually placed an out-of-focus photo behind the compass Cornerstone. I love it! This helps the Cornerstone stand out more.

I hoped you enjoyed today’s post! If you love Cornerstones you should definitely check out our post “7 Techniques Cornerstones Lovers need to Know”. We show you different ways on how to dress up these great embellishments. Also, don’t forget to sign up on the Pattern gallery so you can easily print today’s featured patterns. Happy Scrapping!