10 Ideas for Combining Different Die Collections

Did you know that you can combine different Mosaic Moments die collections? You are NOT limited to just one collection! Our designers have put together 11 ideas for combining our different die collections.

Diamond Mine & X Factor

"Magic Hour" by Paije Potter - Pattern #478 (adjusted)

Here Paije combined the Diamond Mine and X Factor Dies. Look at how they actually connect their lines! Is it a wonderful way to combine the two collections. She used the Diamond Mine Cross 3x3 Die which creates a perfect triangle in the corners. They lined up with the Double X Factor 2x4. Paije filled in the grid with patterned paper. In the center she used the X Factor 4x4 Die. She used the same patterned paper to create a colored frame with the layering die of the X Factor 4x4. She created a perfect layout for her lovely garden pictures using the two collections.

Four Corner Cut-Out & Corner Strips

Have you tried combining the Four Corner Cut-Out Die Set and Corner Strips Die? Combining these dies can make a big impression on your page.

Jodi used the Four Corner Cut-Out centered in the middle of her page and added four Corner Strips to each corner. Four 2x2 squares and 1x2 Canterbury Border Die filled in the empty spots.  We love how she used patterned paper on the largest Corner Strip to make a large frame for her layout.


"Powhatan in the Spring" by Jodi Benson - Free-styled design

Crisscross & X Factor

"Swinging in Spring" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #477

The Crisscross and X factor are a couple of our most popular and advanced collections of dies. Not every single die will connect with these two collections but they do work well together.

Take, for instance, this page by Jodi. She used the Crisscross 4x6 die in the center of her page and the Crisscross 3x3 Dies in the corners. On the left and rights sides she added the Crisscross 3x4 Dies. On the top and bottom of her page she used the X factor 2x4 Die. The X Factor Die connects to the smaller triangles from the Crisscross 4x6 Die.

Tami expertly used the Crisscross 3x5 and 4x6 along with the X Factor 2x4 on her page, "Cotton Field".  She has two X Factor 2x4s on either side of the center Crisscross 4x6 focal point. Then she put two Crisscross 3x5s side by side on top and bottom of her page. The two collections work seamlessly together.

We love how Tami used patterned paper to create a rhythm on her page. You can see the diamond shape the floral paper she chose makes on her layout. Her couple in the center really stand out as the focal point.


"Cotton Field" by Tami Potter - Pattern #335 (rotated)


"UP" by Candy Spiegel - Free-styled pattern

Look at this page, "Up" that Candy made. She used the Crisscross 4x4 Die for her center element. Then she used the X Factor 2x3, which comes in a set with the X factor 3x5. For the corners of her layout she used the Corner Cut-Out Squares Die.

We love how she extended the photos from her X factor 2x3 dies into her Crisscross 4x4 Die! She tied everything together by using the same brown colored card stock. She made a great nautical page using these great and different collections.

Clover & Going in Circles

Here is an interesting combination you may not have thought of before - Clover Die and Going in Circles!

Look at how Jodi put these great dies on her page. She turned the Clover Die toward the outside corners of her page and in between she used the 2x4 Going in Circles Die.

We love how she used black and white photos along with color flower pictures for accents for a timeless look. She used 12x12 Gratitude grid paper from the Happiness Collection.


"Spring Wedding" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #368

Looped 2x2  & Clover 

"Japanese Gardens" by Paije Potter

Look how Paije took the Looped 2x2 Die Set and the Clover Die Set to make this amazing layout! She used all three dies that come in the Looped 2x2 Die Set. She also used the Clover 2x4 Die.

We love the design this makes looping around the page. She also used the Gratitude 12x12 grid paper from the Happiness Collection as the base of her layout.

We love how this page with the Clover Die and Looped 2x2 Die turned out. Try putting together a similar combination on your page!

Angles & X Factor

Have you tried putting the Angles 2x6 Die and the X Factor 3x3 Die?

Here Paije put them together for a great design. The X Factor Die comes in a set of two 3x3 X Factor Dies. She put four of them in the center of her page with an Angles 2x6 Die around the outside edges. Did you notice how she aligned the horizon in her photos on each side of her layout?

We think Paije did an amazing job bringing these two dies together!


"Kite Flying in the OBX" by Paije Potter - Pattern #493

Angles & Diamond Mine

"Monticello Gardens" by Paije Potter - Pattern #493

Here is another page where Paije used the Angles 2x6 Die but this time she combined it with the Diamond Mine 2x2 Die.

Did you notice how she place her floral, garden, and leafy tree pictures together? Putting similar photos together makes her design more cohesive. And in turn, the photos that are different, like the houses in the triangles of the Angles 2x6 Die really stand out.

Try Stacking the Dies!

"Fruits & Vegetables" by Andrea Fisher - Pattern #344

Look at how Andrea took the Crisscross and Diamond Mine and stacked them on top of each other for this triple Diamond look!

You can see the how-to instructions for this layout here: https://www.mosaicmoments.com/two-takes-on-the-crisscross-dies/

We love how elaborate her page of simple fruits and vegetables look when she stacks these dies together!

We hope this article gave you ideas for combining different Mosaic Moments Dies on your pages and layouts!