Stacking your Page with the Basic and Layering Dies


Featuring: The Basic and Layering Die Sets

Stacking your page will be possible with the Basic and Layering Die Sets. There are so many options for the type of layers with a variety of border sizes. Additionally, I choose to use a layer for two of my blocks that bleed to the edges of the second or third layer, leaving only a top and bottom layer. It creates a little bit different look for the page. So let’s break down the subject and the finished layout.

Mosaic Moments Stacking Your Pages

Mosaic Moments Stacking Your Pages

No New Year’s Resolutions (just a word for the year)

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” We’ve all heard that phrase; maybe we’ve even said that too. But we all know that it’s a lie, right? We use it to encourage the little ones to not let what someone says about them bother them, to move on and ignore the name callers.

But the truth is words can hurt, they can tear down, they can belittle, they can demean, and they can put chains on us if we let them.

But words can also bring healing, bring encouragement, bring hope and bring truth.

Words are powerful.

I may not be very good at sticking to New Year’s resolutions, but I can latch onto a word or a phrase, a special Bible verse or famous quote to find inspiration and encouragement for a whole year to see me through some of the hardest times and help me to remember where my help comes from.

A few years ago I found the journaling community embracing this idea and I actually chuckled at all of the people choosing the word “intentional”, it’s so…serious, but I do recognize that it is a lofty goal to be deliberate in all you do. I wasn’t that focused at the time nor was I eager to take on something that sounded a whole lot like another resolution!

Last year, I chose a simple word, JOY, and a Bible verse as a reference for it, James 1:2-3 NASB “Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.” As it turns out it was the perfect verse and word to see me through 2018. I was seriously thinking about keeping it for a second year when I was given an ornament at Christmas with the word “HOPE” and I’m giving it due consideration.

I’m also mulling over a word I was given through an online “word of the year” quiz. This one is from Dayspring and you can try it for yourself if a Christian focus is of interest to you. Ali Edwards is also geared up with a whole program that includes journaling, scrapping and products to go with your word. Or you can head over to Pinterest and search for inspirational quotes and pick a word within the quote to be your choice for 2019.

Of course, you may already have that word, you’ve written it in your journals, or your planners, you might even have a poster pinned to your fridge to remind you…but today, I want to show you a few ideas for including it in a scrapbook page and maybe even a way to take pictures this year and journal as you go.
I’m going to begin with a 12×12 Mosaic Moments Grid paper in Caramel, but you could also make this a project to be done on the smaller grids, 8×8’s or 6×6’s while we have them in stock for a smaller more focused version.

Mosaic Moments Stacking Your Pages

Choosing a word for inspiration…Dayspring worksheet and wallpapers

I’m going to do this page with the Dayspring word, the goal-setting worksheet and two wallpapers that they emailed me. I don’t have a phone to use the wallpapers on, but they are jpeg images and I can print them out to fit in a 3×5 block. So I searched for a pattern with at least one 3×5. I’ve settled on Pattern #125 a puzzle pattern for this layout. It has a variety of sizes of spaces for options to fill.

Mosaic Moments Stacking Your Pages

Mosaic Moments Pattern #125 a puzzle pattern

I’m going to make use of the Basic Dies and Layering Dies for added dimension and color.

Mosaic Moments Basic Die Set


Mosaic Moments Stacking Your Pages

Mosaic Moments Layering Dies

I’ll also use the new Alphabet 4 die set to cut out the letters for one word, noun, but you could choose any of the Alphabets we have. I’ve also placed it directly on top of the dictionary definition. It does cover a bit of the words, but I like the look.

Mosaic Moments Alphabet 4 lowercase letter dies

Mosaic Moments Alphabet 4 Lower case letters


Mosaic Moments Stacking Your Pages

Mosaic Moments Stacking Your Pages

I have a patterned paper (or two) (My Mind’s Eye Stella and Rose Collection ‘Hattie “Happy” Bouquet Paper and Hattie’s “Buddies” Argyle Paper) that I’m choosing cardstocks to compliment for mats and layers.

Paper Choices from My Mind’s Eye and assorted cardstock to compliment MM Caramel 12″x 12″ Grid Paper

I’ve used We R Memory Keepers embossing folder “Tide” to add a bit of dimension for one of the layered blocks. It serves as the base that mimics the pattern in the printed journal card with the top layers mounted on foam mounting tape to add dimension.

Mosaic Moments Stacking Your Pages

Mosaic Moments Stacking Your Pages Using an embossing folder to add texture, foam mounting tape to add dimension


Mosaic Moments Stacking Your Pages

Mosaic Moments Stacking Your Pages Printed wallpaper

Now I’ve added a few enamel pearls to set off the border of one of the blocks, in Wendy Vecchio’s Forget-me-not, Liquid Pearls Buttercup, and Nuvo Metallic-Auburn Pearl Crystal Drops.

Mosaic Moments Stacking Your Pages

Mosaic Moments Stacking Your Pages Alternate layering method and embellishing


Mosaic Moments Stacking Your Pages

Mosaic Moments Stacking Your Pages Adding embellishments

There are suggestions for scriptures on the worksheet I’m going to work in and then there are a few goals of “how-to practice” living out my word that can give me opportunities for photos to include.

Mosaic Moments Stacking Your Pages

Mosaic Moments Stacking Your Pages Alternate layering technique for offset borders

This page can be a photo-free layout used as a page beginning a new album for 2019 or even become framed wall art to keep in a place that you spend time working or studying as your very own inspiration. You may not be into journaling, planners or even Bible journaling, but this is one way that you can incorporate and Tell Your Story about who you are, what your faith journey looks like or even what makes you tick in a scrapbook page about you!

Mosaic Moments Stacking Your Pages

Mosaic Moments Stacking Your Pages don’t forget to add your two cents to the page, journaling helps to tell the story.

Because this is an “All About Me” type page, I’ve even succumbed to adding a picture of myself, reluctantly. Seeing as my goal is to find delight in God’s Word my second photo includes a few items related to that goal, my newest study and Bible and a book about prayer and poems of the Scots. I also include a journal block with some of my thoughts about this word challenge.

As I take photos this year, I’m going to do my best to really capture the things and people that I can say bring me delight. It means I just might have to do some thinking and planning, to slow down and actually enjoy what I take in as I snap away. As I do, I think I’ll see a change in how I work. We all have room to grow in our skills, and to take more time and think of the story we want our scrapbooks to tell to future generations. Dare I say it, intentional?

Now maybe one word for the entire year isn’t challenging enough for you and you’d like to take on a new one each month, perhaps you’d like to choose a word that sums up each month as you complete it and make a layout recording photos and events and journaling about all that went on as it relates to what you’ve learned and the word that describes it best. It’s up to you, but it might just be the year to try something a bit different in your scrapbooks. I hope you’ll join me on my journey and share yours along the way.

Mosaic Moments Stacking Your Pages

Mosaic Moments Stacking Your Pages What’s your word for the New Year?

Andrea Fisher