Six Colorful Card Ideas

I like simple, colorful designs. I also enjoy intricate puzzles with lots of options.

The Grid Cards have 24 – 1” squares. Lots of possibilities! The spaces can be filled with multiple colored squares, triangles or circles. Grouped together we can get 6 squares to accommodate other designs.  Grouped to form 3 rectangles our designs can now yield diamond shapes and some of the fancier patterns using other 2×3 dies.

Some of the Mosaic Moments Die used to create these cards

• By selecting Die Set A and the three smallest dies in the set here’s what I created.

Die Set A stacked and hand-cut triangle and reassembled

• By selecting the Circle Grid die, simple white frames and rainbow of colors this is what I created.

Before you separate the sections run your dot runner over the intersections.
Tropical colors selected and arranged
Using the remaining sections to create another card

• By utilizing the new corner grid, or the corner tile die and 1” – 4×6 grid die this is one of the designs I created. One isa monochromatic style and the other in a rainbow of colors.

Triangles are mounted on 1” white squares playing around with various arrangements
Options for other arrangements
Monochromatic card
Done with black 1” squares and bright bold colors

• When cutting a series of 2” squares, and several of the circle center dies in varying colors. I centered the circle die on top of the 2” squares adhered and then trimmed away the outside frame. I then quartered the 2” squares and mixed them up, then regrouped them into 6 groups of 4’s and adhered them to the grid card.  

Now it’s time to gather your paper and dies and try a few cards for yourself!

Andrea Fisher