Scrapbooking the Year 2020

2020 has been a monumental year. For starters, we dealt with a life-altering pandemic that turned our worlds upside down. But, many of us also expanded their families, took amazing vacations, and grew closer together.

As this year finally draws to a close, Mosaic Moments® asked each of their designers to complete a layout that reviews 2020 at a glance. They are showcasing their pages, here, along with a few tips and ideas of how you can create a year-in-review layout.

But, since 2020 was such an intense year, we have also included a section on documenting the pandemic.

Check out our ideas and then create your own year-in-review layout. Share the ones you made on the Mosaic Moments® Crop & Share Facebook Group.

2020 Year in Review Ideas

Fill in the Blanks

"Year 2020" by Paije Potter - Pattern #101 (slightly adjusted)

At the beginning of the year, Paije created a layout to record the year. She used coordinating papers, so it looked like the layout at the right.

Then, as the year progressed, she took a photo or two and added it to the layout. At the end of the year, her layout was complete, as shown above.


Preserve Happy & Sad Events

"2020" by Lauren Jones - Pattern #473

For this design, Lauren included time spent with family, including a grandparent and a dog who passed away during the year. She also included a picture of the new puppy they brought into their lives.

Each section made with the X-Factor dies features a seasonal pattern paper from Doodlebug Design. Some paper companies, like Doodlebug, use similar patterns and colors throughout the year, so you can easily duplicate this design. To keep the page cohesive, Lauren used a light blue to create a giant diamond shape on her layout, taking the eye from one season to the next.

We love how she was able to fit tiny numbers, stickers from Doodlebug, into some of the spaces on the Double X-Factor designs.

Include Tiny Pics

"Year in Review" by Andrea Fisher - Free-Styled Design

Andrea shared some of the major events and changes of the year by printing the words off on her computer and then cutting them to fit the grid.

But, she also included lots of tiny detail photos showing everything from food to smiling grandkids. We love the one of her granddaughter with the giant headphones (right above the word Homeschool). Headphones, like masks, seem to have become iconic this year with all of the virtual instruction, meetings and even television shows.

Create a Journal

"Year 2020" by Paije Potter - Pattern #612 (mirrored on right Side)

For this one, Paije wrote a small paragraph about everything that happened that month and then included a single photo either above or below the journaling.

We love how she alternated the colors of pen used to write and how she put the letters along the left side to designated the year.

To create a layout like this, you might write down your memories each month in a journal and then used the journal to create the layout at the end of the year.

Show the Pieces of the Pie


"2020" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #431

The Pie Die Set and year-in-review layouts are practically a match made in heaven. The complete pie includes 12 slices, which is a perfect way to include one photo for each month of the year.

Jodi's version showcases the seasons, but also tells of a wedding, a new baby, love and lots of adventures.

We love how Jodi added a scalloped mat and squares to the middle with the year.

Include Headlines

"2020 Year in Review" by Candy Spiegel - Pattern #431

Since much of life this year was quarantined at home, Candy decided to highlight world events. She included some of the political turmoil, the pandemic, natural phenomenons, and some of the life changes that affected her family.

The Dial Die Set is good to use if you do not have photos for every single month, and you want the photos to be a bit larger than the slices in the Pie Die Set.

For the center, Candy used an additional sheet of grid paper and cut the circles from the Circle Frame Die Set. This way, the colors match perfectly and the lines on the grid turn into the circle in the center.

Showcase the Seasons

"Review of 2020" by Tami Potter - Pattern #102

Naturally, we would expect a major wow factor when founder and creator Tami Potter creates a layout, and this one is no exception.

Tami cleverly featured one photo from each season in the center of the page. Then, she used the On the Dots Dies to add a small photo of each month onto the layout.

The soft shades used on the grid paper, the border papers and the date in the corners keep the page from becoming too busy.

Documenting the Pandemic

Remember the Year

"The Year 2020" by Paije Potter - Pattern #613

This layout documents wearing masks due to the pandemic and the things Paije enjoyed throughout the year. She used lots of colors to give her page an upbeat feel.

You can also add journaling on page or even write on back to talk about your feelings and experiences from the year.

Tell a Story

"Pandemic Family" by Candy Spiegel- Pattern #492 (adjusted)

The pandemic changed everything -- even time with family and friends. Although Candy's son was able to visit from New York, the family gathering was held outside where there was plenty of space to spread out.

When Candy asked for a family photo, her son wanted one with masks on so we could tell, at a glance, that this photo was taken during 2020.

Journal your Feelings

"Social Distancing" by Tami Potter- Pattern #460 (adjusted) and #356 (adjusted)

When the world stopped in the spring of 2020, Tami took the time to write out the life adjustments and her feelings.

We love how she included pictures of the map, highlights of spring, and the fact that she was able to find toilet paper!

Share the Indoor Time
lockdown in 2020

"Craft Days" by Andrea Fisher - Pattern #189 (adjusted)

With schools and most forms of entertainment shut down, we had a lot of children to entertain in 2020. Andrea took advantage of the time with her grandchildren. She created all sorts of projects she could do with the kids.

We love how these photos show the excitement as the kids craft with grandma.

Talk About the Memories

"Honk Parade" by Danielle Lawson - Pattern #502

While 2020 was a year of hardship, don't forget to talk about the wonderful memories too!

How sweet is this memory? We adore this layout Danielle made of her children showing signs of love to their teachers. Plus, the stitched heart dies make this page a stand out!

What memories do you want your children and grandchildren to remember about this time?

Find a Silver Lining

"Covid-19" by Candy Spiegel- Pattern #146

Scrapbooking is a good way to deal with emotions. So, when the pandemic first hit, Candy took the time to sort out her feelings by showcasing the "pain" of the pandemic, but also documenting the good things -- like more time with loved ones who are no longer going to work and chalk messages left by young girls on the driveway.