Scrapbook Your Kids School Projects

The kids are in school and you know what that means, Projects, Projects, Projects! I Love it when my kids bring home projects they made at school, especially art class. They are fun and cute and offer so much insight to their personality and what is on their minds. It’s all wonderful – until you run out of space on the refrigerator!

What can we do to keep those special projects and let the kids know how much we enjoy them all – without buying a second fridge? Take pictures – LOTS of pictures so you can remember (and they can remember) every detail.

Photo Tips:

  1. If the project is 3 dimensional take photos from every angle (top, bottom, front, back, side view…)
  2. Take a close up of their signature if one is included.
  3. Take close ups of all the details – this could be textures they created or details they added.

Get the Details: (Ask the artist/student)

  1. What was the assignment?
  2. What inspired the students choices for their art/project?
  3. Did their teacher make any comments about the art/project?
  4. If applicable, ask them about the color(s), the texture, and what type of media was used.


  1. Child’s name
  2. The year, their Age and Grade
  3. The name of their teacher
  4. The details about the project.