Scrapbook Embellishment Ideas: Circle Tiles and Years

Scrapbook Embellishment Ideas

Nǐ Hǎo! No we did not visit China (although that would have been awesome!), but we went to the second best thing – Disney World! For those of you who are wondering – these photographs were taken at the China Pavilion in Disney’s Epcot during the holiday season. I thought these photographs were fabulous for today’s scrapbook embellishment ideas. In this post, we focus on Circle Tiles (These are special circle frames that fit onto the Mosaic Moments™ grid). Plus, I am showing a few ways to display the Year so you can get fresh ideas for the 2015 year!

Circle Tiles

If you have not tried the Circle Tiles yet – here is an introduction: Circle Tiles are special circle frames that fit onto the Mosaic Moments™ grid. I love the Circle Tiles since they are great for framing your photos, pattern paper, or other embellishments you may want to add. Plus, they give your pages a fresh look. So if you would like to try a new look – check out our Circle Tiles.

Below are two pages I created with our special Tiles (the right page shows Heart Tiles… great for Valentines 🙂 )

Scrapbook Embellishment Ideas

This is a fun Christmas Page with three different Circle Tile sizes. Use the Largest Circle Tile to highlight a specific photograph. This could be used as your focal point. I love the 2×2 in. size for creating borders like on the side of this page. Plus, the 1 in. size tiles are great for framing years.

Scrapbook Embellishment Ideas

I know these are actually Heart Tiles, but I displayed this page to show you that Circle Tiles are not just for photographs. Here I framed pattern paper for a unique look. Plus I framed the title of the page to make it stand out more. Use Circle Tiles (or heart tiles) to add interest to single photograph pages.

Year Embellishments

It’s the beginning of a new year, which may mean freshening up your new year pages! Below I have a few layout ideas to encourage you to change up how to display the year on your future layouts.

Four Year Letter Cornerstones are a must! I love them! You can display them however you want. Keep them in a square formation, or put them in a vertical or horizontal line. Place them diagonally or separate them. The page above shows the year separated. These Cornerstones give a lot of flexibility and give a unique way to show the year.

Sometimes we don’t have much room to display the year. A simple solution is to write it on the bottom of the page. I love the scenery on this page and showing a big year might have been a little distracting. This is an elegant look, perfect for beautiful pages.

This page shows a Year Style B Cornerstone. This is a very simple way to show the year. If you use a pattern where three blocks need to be filled – use this kind of Cornerstone. Look through our Page Pattern Gallery to see many layouts that fit this.

Sometimes I like placing the year right on a border. Pick out a pattern paper you like and add matching alphabet stickers with it. I did this recently with my Year in Review page.

Creating the Lion Dance Layout

As you can see – I created a new page featuring Circle Tiles, and I also added the year using stamps. When I first created this page, it looked kind of bland (see below). At first, I used Scarlet grid paper with Black Circle Tiles. Then I experimented and found my Gold chalk ink! I brushed it on some Scarlet Circle Tiles and found the pizazz I was looking for!

Here is a close up look of the gold ink – I love that the aged, distress look!

If you find that your Circle Tiles are looking bland – try out chalk ink if it is appropriate for you page. I used gold chalk since it reminds me of old brass items. Plus gold is color used a lot in the Chinese culture. So it worked! I wanted my photos to really pop, so I also put a thin layer of black chalk ink around the circles. If you look closely at my page, you will see a thin black ring around the circular part of the tiles.

I also want to point out the Black Corners on my layout. These were made with a Martha Stewart punch (I highly recommend her punches… love them!). I placed a few of them on the corners of the Circle Tile located right in the center of my page. If you need to spice up your page – this is also a great technique to consider, especially for the focal point.

I also used 1 in. Circle Tiles to Highlight the year (created with Stamps and Gold chalk ink). I placed the year on opposites ends of the page. Usually the numbers would be put right next to each other, but now this typical embellishment gets a unique look. This year, try to give your years a unique placement and use new techniques to help them stand out!

Supplies Used for This Layout: