4 Reasons to Create Mosaic Scrapbook Pages

Why do we love mosaic scrapbooking so much?

As we traveled to various trade shows around the country, many people were amazed of the mosaic pages! We would get tons of questions and many wanted to learn how they could achieve the same look. Of course, attendees were very attracted to the mosaic element and the unique layouts. But, I think there is more to it than just the looks. So, here are four reasons to create mosaic scrapbook pages:

#1 – The Memories & The People are the Focus

Many of us love mosaic scrapbooks because we want to highlight the photos. Scrapbooking is all about showing the memories and sometimes they get buried underneath a lot of embellishments. Although we love to add embellishments, we want to put more focus on the memories and our loved ones.

Mosaic Scrapbook PagesAutumn 2005″ by Tami Potter

This page has several embellishments, but the black and white photos stand out against the bright colors. Most of the focus is on the lovely portraits.

FloridaBotanical “Friends” by Tami Potter

We often make a photo the focal point of the page. Just by looking at this picture, you know who this layout is about. We are able focus on the memories more than how the layout is decorated.

#2 – Get the Full View

Have you ever gone to a beautiful place and then when you get home that same view seems… underwhelming? That mountain doesn’t seem as large or you could only get part of that river in a single shot. This is part of what makes Mosaic Moments™ almost magical:

“The Johnsons” by Tami Potter

You can get that breath taking view! That magnificent landscape will “WOW” you again.

#3 – Fit Lots & Lots of Photos!

How many photos have you fit on a page? two or three? ten? How about fifty?

Sometimes we end up taking a ton of photos. This might be during a vacation, at a wedding, or the arrival of a new baby. Whatever the reason – you know you gotta show all the amazing photos!

RaftingTrip “Raft Montana” by Paije Rodriguez – Total 17 Photographs

There were so many great shots from this rafting trip, I just couldn’t miss a moment! When you add lots of photos you can show all the expressions, all the action, and all the amazing moments.

SanAntonio wb“San Antonio” by Tami Potter – Total 52 Photographs

So far this page has the most photos in our Mosaic Moments collection. Sometimes there are so many details to show! If you want to be really ambitious, you can create a layout of 100 one inch photos!

#4 – Your Photos Come Alive

Someone once left us a comment that said “What I’ve noticed, using the mosaic layouts brings the photos to life.” This is so true about Mosaic Moments™ scrapbook pages.

I personally love looking back and being able to see the beautiful landscapes, the texture of a rustic building, or seeing my family have fun together. All the details, big or small, bring you right back to a specific place or a moment in time.

“Palm Beach Shores” by Paije Rodriguez

Are you ready to start creating mosaic scrapbook pages?

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