5 Reasons to Create Floral Scrapbook Pages

Flowers are a very popular subject – and we can see why! There are many shapes and sizes. They are colorful and beautiful. They make us light up and feel happy inside. It’s no wonder we tend to make lots of floral scrapbook pages.

Some of the most favored layouts are filled with flower mosaics. I hope you are in the habit of taking floral shots everywhere you go. If not, now is the time to start! For this post, I made a list of five reasons why you should be creating floral Mosaic Moments pages:

1. Make a Colorful Piece of Art

Yes! You can create pieces of art with Mosaic Moments pages. Flowers just happen to be a beautiful subject we like to frame. These floral scrapbook pages are not just for placing in an album – they are amazing pieces of photo art!

bunnyflowers “Bunny” by Tami Potter

loveatHome “Love at Home” by Tami Potter

2. Show the Details of Different Regions

Whenever I visit a new place, I look for unique flowers. There are so many types all over the world, and I want to show it in my album! Don’t miss a photo opportunity when you see a unique flower. They will make an awesome scrapbook page later. The two layouts below show very different places: Washington and Hawaii. It’s neat to see beautiful flowers from all over the world!

S&C-tulips-wb “Skagit Valley” by Tami Potter

Hawaii100 “Hawaii” by Tami Potter

3. Show the Beauty of Each Season

Look at the pages below. Can you tell which seasons they show? We might recognize different times of the year by the flowers. Lovely mums grow in the fall. Blossoms & daffodils bloom in the spring. Summer has many vibrant flowers. Many plants are covered with snow in the winter. Flowers help us see the beauty of every season.





4. Decorate Pages with Portraits

Flowers are a beautiful backdrop for portraits! This wedding layout is lovely because of the blossoms in the background.

Floral Scrapbook Pages

“Spring Wedding” by Tami Potter

5. It’s Simply Stunning!

Floral scrapbook pages are just amazing! Remember to get down low and take a variety of photos. Take some up close and from a distance. This wildflower page stands out from the rest because of the beauty and variety.

Floral Scrapbook Pages

“Virginia Flowers” by Paije Rodriguez