10 Ways to Create a Focal Point on Scrapbook Pages

Scrapbook pages, like all other designs, are more interesting when they have layers of focus. A successful page can have one strong focal point or multiple focal points. The key is to make sure you have a center of interest in your design.

Points of Focus can be achieved in many ways:  

  1. Size Matters – Probably most often used focus director is Size. Blowing up one image so that it is larger than the rest pretty much guarantees its order on the focal priority list. Choose the photo that is most compelling, that tells a story, or highlights something or someone special and make it BIG.
  2. Position – If you place a large photo in the center of the page it is going to get the viewers attention; however, this is not the only way to position your image as a focal point. Creating a separation between your focal photo and other photos on the page will also do the trick.
  3. Reduce or Crop Secondary Photos – Instead of enlarging one photo, you can reduce the size of all of the others. (See example at the top of page) Many photo printers will print wallet size photos. Smaller pictures are great accents that allow the viewers initial attention to go to the full size, 4×6 inch, focal photo.
  4. Layering  –  Matting a photo draws attention to that photo. Therefore, double matting and even triple matting can be used to bring even more focus to your main photograph on your layout.
  5. Orientation – Use a vertical as your focal point and then accent it with contrasting horizontal photos OR TILT a photo on a page where all the other photos are aligned to the grid.
  6. Macro or Zoom – Zooming in on a subject is a great way to make it the focus of your page. Just as our eyes are drawn by size they are also drawn in by detail.
  7. Proximity – using embellishments around an image can draw attention to it.
  8. Space – leaving “empty space” around an element on a otherwise crowded page will draw attention to it.
  9. Color – Color can be used in many way to create focal points. Use a black & white photo on a page filled with color or vice versa. Use a different color of mat, than you’ve used on the others photos, to highlight your focal photo. Draw attention to a focal point image by using proximity of a bold or bright colored accent or embellishment.
  10. Shape – I am not a big fan of cutting photos into stars or cupcakes, but, shape can be a great way to draw attention to a focal image. Example: use a circle mat or frame to add variety on a page created with squares and rectangles.

Can you pick out the Focal Point Tips used on the pages below?

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  • Place Alt Text Here
  • Place Alt Text Here
  • Place Alt Text Here
  • Place Alt Text Here
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