Family Scrapbook Layouts – Pride and Prejudice Theme

Today’s post is about creating family scrapbook layouts using this month’s Literary inspiration “Pride and Prejudice”. This is one of the most adored stories by Jane Austen. There have been many films and novel adaptations of this book many people love. The relationship between Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy is unforgettable. If you would like to learn more about this story check out Spark Notes (This site has a chapter by chapter summary and analysis) or (this site has a short synopsis, plus get quotes and read comments from other readers).

Here is my inspiration list for making my Pride and Prejudice Page:


“Pride and Prejudice” isn’t just about romance. Another theme within the story is family. Elizabeth Bennett’s parents and sisters, although they are not the main characters, play a very important part in the story and are a big influence in Elizabeth’s life. Through the inspiration I gathered, I decided my theme would be about my family.



Pride and Prejudice is set during the Regency Period in England. When I think of this time in history, I imagine an elegant script writing and I wanted to add this onto my page. I left an area to add a title and I kept it simple by just saying “The Potter Family”. I found a font that reminded of an English script.



During this particular time period, it was in fashion to use pastels. As I researched I noticed much of the interior decorating and clothing had a lot of pastel blues and pinks. I found lovely pattern paper that fits these colors. One of my papers has a pastel blue, and has slight distressing. The other pattern paper has some pink flowers which was a typical wall paper pattern during the Regency period.



The pattern paper I found has great patterns. I love that the blue paper has a flower embroidery look. I imagine during this time there were many flower embroideries. Plus I have the floral paper which reminded me of the wall paper that was in style during this time period. Another added element I love on this page is the lace borders near the top of my layout. I created this with Ivory Paper Tiles and a Martha Stewart border punch. Lace was also a typical fashion element and I really wanted to add this on my page. The punch worked perfectly and looks similar to ribbon you might find.

Check out “Family Scrapbook Ideas” By Sandi Keene if you would like to learn more tips on making a family page. Plus, Father’s Day is coming soon! Come see Andrea’s Page “Masculine Scrapbook Page Ideas” to get great tips.