10 Easy Scrapbook Layouts with Level 1 Dies

When it comes to scrapbooking with Mosaic Moments® dies, easy does not mean simple, boring or repetitive.

Rather, the term, "easy," refers to layouts that are photo focused and quick to complete.

Check out these examples below.

Showcase the Emotion

"Salt Flats" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #481

The joy of this day is pretty obvious on this layout. We love how Jodi, and the photographer, focused on the joy of the day and the beautiful contrasts between the salt flats and the sky.

With just 14 cuts, this layout is complete.

Focus on the View

The beautiful landscapes were the most important thing about this day, so Tami let the photos speak for themselves.

With only nine cuts, this pinwheel layout, including the date and a framed photo in the middle, is complete.


"St. George Hike" by Tami Potter - Pattern #143

Add an Accent

"Learning Tennis" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #590

A border die can add a fun accent to a layout. In this case, the 3 Rings Die reminds us of tennis balls. To make the process quicker, you can cut the striped paper using the Basic Die Set, then place the black die cut on top, letting the stripes show through, rather than cutting piecing in all of those little pieces.

Make a Pinwheel
Pinwheel patterns provide plenty of opportunities to focus on photos. They offer both horizontal and vertical options, and, in this case, a large square photo in the center as well. We love how the flower squares add just a the right accent to the layout.

"Historic California" by Paije Potter - Pattern #356 (slightly adjusted)

Add Accents in Multiple Sizes

"Deception State Park" by Danielle Lawson - Pattern #437

Many dies come with the same design in different sizes. Here, Danielle used the Fir Tree Die Set in both the 2x2 and 1x1 sizes. It adds some variety to the layout while keeping everything cohesive.

Try a Border

Photos do not always fit perfectly on a 12x12 page. However, the odd-shaped spaces leftover are perfect for adding a decorative border die, like the Mid-Century Border Die shown here.

Border dies come in a variety of lengths and patterns, including some for the holidays.


"Frontierland" by Tami Potter - Pattern #357

Set the Date

"Discovery Cove" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #352

When the date is important, like an anniversary, new baby, wedding or graduation, make it prominent on your layout. Here, Jodi used the 2x2 No. 4 dies to make the year, 2020, a focal point on this layout.

Try Multiple Cuts

Cutting the same design more than once in different colored papers is an easy way to "color" your die cuts.

Here, Jodi used blue, white and yellow cardstock around her layout to tie it altogether.


"Charly's Blessing" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #100

Create a Title

"Sadie Loves Snow" by Paije Potter - Pattern #402

Alphabet and Number dies can easily be incorporated into a layout to make a title. Many of the sets can be used with or without their 1-inch square.

Here, Paije used the letters and numbers on their own, placing them over patterned-paper blocks to create her title. The effect also helps to frame the center photo and make it a focal point of her layout.

Use Lots of Patterns
Patterned paper is a fun way to "spice" up a simple layout. Here, Candy used both the Basic and Layering Dies to create different sized photo mats for the pictures. She also matted patterned paper on some of the squares to create embellishments.

"Six Months" by Candy Spiegel - Pattern #467