Disney Scrapbook Page – Splash Mountain

Today we have an awesome Disney scrapbook page featuring one of the most popular rides, Splash Mountain. If you are heading to Disney World or Disneyland this summer it is a must to take photos of this ride! There are so many cute critters, singing, splashing, and many falls you will want to capture. We love Splash Mountain so much that it deserved its own Mosaic Moments™ page.

Mango was a good choice of grid color since it is a bright, fun color, and it matches the color scheme in the photos. Splash mountain has orange-brown walls and orange flowers that match, plus some of the blue colors in the photos compliment Mango. Since the paper was a little bright, some chalk ink was added around the edges to tone it down.

On your next Disney Trip – take photos of your favorite ride and create a page of it when you get home. Let the theme of the ride and atmosphere determine the types of colors and embellishments you use.

Take a look at these examples to help you be inspired:

  • Kilimanjaro Safari – Use Animal Prints, and Earth tone colors (browns and greens). Click here to see a sample page for Animal Kingdom


Here is a list of all the items on the “Splash Mountain” Page:


Splash Mountain was designed with Page Pattern # 124


 This is a puzzle style pattern with three different mosaic spots. The layout is mainly made up of 1 in. squares. So, if you have taken photos fit for mosaics, this is a page to consider. If you have visited a garden you use the mosaic spots to show a whole flower bed or show details of your favorite amusement park (such as Disney World).

This mosaic layout is unique because of the three 2.125w x 3.25h blocks. These are placed within the mosaic parts of the page, and they are perfect for showing detail photos you do not want to cut into 1 in. squares. On the page above, for example, it has a photo on the top with a sign that says “Last Chance to Exit”. We wouldn’t want this to be cut since it could not be read easily. This pattern provides a way for us to add in this cute little sign.

There is a focal point right in the center that measures 6.625w x 4.375h. Use this spot to fit a whole 4×6 print you do not want to cut. You can place the photograph on a bright colored mat or pattern paper so it can stand out more. Plus there is a 6.625w x 2.125h block. This is perfect for adding a title or journaling.