9 Winter Scrapbook Ideas For When there is No Snow!

Updated: January 2023

How do you make winter layouts for when there is no snow?

Many of us wait a long time for a good snow day. Some Scrapbookers living closer to the equator will never have snow. And what about those wonderful winter vacations to warmer destinations?

Whether you live somewhere that does not get snow or want to scrap about your winter get-away, here are 9 ideas for you:

1. Scrapbook with Bright Colors!

"Suffolk Farm" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #490

No snow can mean everything is brown!

If you match the brown in your pictures, your scrapbook pages and layouts can end up looking washed out and not interesting. Use bright colors to contrast the drab winter scenery. Mat your pictures with colors that will stand out and draw your eye.  You can pick up the bright colors in your subject's clothing. Jodi used purple colors on her page to make her photos seem less drab. She picked up the purple from her subject's pants and jacket.

The purple tones and browns look amazing together and make this page a visually appealing winter scrapbook page!

2. Use Winter Patterned Paper!

"Go Ape" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #205

Sometimes it's not clear what season it is, so Winter patterned paper can show us that the layout is about our winter activities.

Paper is not just to look pretty - it has many jobs. When you don't have a title for your page or when the title does not denote the season, it can be even trickier to tell when the photos were taken. These photos were taken in the winter and we love how Jodi took pictures of the pine trees, and used them like patterned paper. She also used winter floral paper to represent the winter season.

We love to use winter pattern paper to help tell the story of our layout.

3. Tropical Getaway? Add Cool Colors

"Key West" by Candy Spiegel - Pattern #486

During the winter, you might go on a trip to get away from the snow. So, how can you make your layout more wintery?

In the winter, use blues and purples for your beach or tropical pictures. The light in winter is different and the cooler tones will make your vacation pictures look amazing! Candy used purple which is a cooler color perfect for a tropical winter page!

We like to mix warm and cool hues together for tropical winter layouts.

4. Overcast Photos? Add Something Cheery!

"Richmond Segway Tour" by Paije Potter - Pattern #344

Often it is overcast in the winter time, which can make your photos look very dreary.

Even if your photos appear drab, the memory is still something fun to remember! For this layout, Paije used colorful pattern paper and used a purple background to make her layout more cheery. Instead of looking grey and dull, her page is exciting. She used Whimsy 4x4 and 2x2 Dies - which also adds cheeriness to the layout.

The combination of dies, colors, and patterned paper give her winter scrapbook page a happy vibe.

4. Mix Up Winter & Beach Elements

"Warm Winter Fun" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #256 & #233

Winter isn't always spent in the snow, but sometimes at the beach! Have you ever been to the beach during the winter? The views are just as wonderful!

Here, Jodi did not use traditional beach colors, but used pastel winter colors instead. Jodi's cool blue color compliments the ocean and winter sky. She also added beach elements by using the Sea Life Die Set for her Shell, and starfish from the Beach combers set. Her winter floral patterned paper goes perfectly with her winter colors and beach pictures.

While winter paper and beach die cuts may not seem to go together - we think Jodi pulled it off on this page!

6. Take Pictures of Winter Sunsets!

"Ft. Meyers Sunsets" by Candy Spiegel - Pattern #593

While you are at the beach be sure to take lots of photos of winter sunsets! The light is beautiful and will warm up any winter scrapbook page.

Candy knows that sunsets at the beach are magnificent no matter what season it is! Aren't her sunset pictures magnificent? Winter sunsets are gorgeous and are perfect for Mosaic Moments® Strip 1x2 Dies! She framed her pictures in a dark grey to contrast the yellows and oranges in her sunsets and the yellow tone in the Mosaic Moments 12x12 Grid paper she used.

We love how she offset her focal point picture and added the twine embellishment!

7. Use Strong Graphic Dies!

"Yorktown Dock" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #604

Winter can be a harsh time of the year. Without snow, you can use a very strong graphic die to show that same winter feeling on your scrapbook pages.

Jodi used Mosaic Moments® Triple X 1x3 die and the Numbers 3 die set in black on her page. The Triple X is a very strong graphic die and set in black it is even more so. All of Mosaic Moments® dies are designed to be strong graphic dies. Jodi framed her pictures using the Basic Die Bundle and the Layering Die Bundle. The grid paper she used is Peach Blossom from the "In the Garden" Collection.

This makes for a very strong looking page. It might be full of beach pictures, but this layout says winter!

8. Take Pictures Near Sunset!

"Great Dismal Swamp" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #504

There is a special time of day when the light is almost gone called twilight.  Take photos around this time to get that soft light in your pictures!

The colors in your backgrounds will take on dark blue tones. This makes for gorgeous winter pictures. Who needs snow with gorgeous pictures like these?

Jodi used the Plum Grid Paper from the Fresh 'N Fruity Collection, which goes perfectly with the dark tones in her twilight pictures!

9. Scrapbook Your Ultimate Vacation!

"Key West Colors" by Candy Spiegel - Pattern #582

Nothing chases those winter blues away better than going on vacation!

Use all of our previous ideas and scrapbook your vacation however you want! Use bright colors, use warm colors, use cool colors, use patterned paper, use Mosaic Moment® dies, and enjoy scrapbooking your winter holiday.

There is no snow in Key West as Candy can attest here with her scrapbook page. She used lots of purple along with pinks, yellows, and greens for her Under the Sea and Fishy Border dies. All of that color really shows the joy of going on vacation somewhere warm!