8 Scrapbook Page Ideas with the Wonderful Whimsy Dies

Have you ever made a scrapbook layout with the Whimsy dies? Or are you just looking for some new Whimsy die ideas?

The Whimsy die collection is a big favorite of the Discover Level dies. We just love the beautiful curves they create, and the design looks like a giant frame on your page! We gathered some of our favorite Whimsy pages from the designers, and we hope these ideas inspire you.

Keep scrolling to see eight of our page ideas using the Whimsy dies.

Use the 2x6 Whimsy for Quick Pages


"Down the Creek" by Tami Potter - Pattern #611

Look how the whimsy dies beautifully frame the center photo, and this was so easy to create!

For a quick page, the 2x6 Whimsy will be your go-to die. Just pick two pattern papers and/or card-stock colors, and cut! Since this die is larger, it takes less cutting to get this design together. To get the full whimsy frame, you will also need the 2x2 Whimsy die set for the corners.

Bonus: Take a look at the plaid corners on the biggest photo. Those were from the 2x2 Whimsy die cuts shown in the corners.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Navy grid paper, Whimsy 2x6 die, Whimsy 2x2 die set, and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern paper from Simple Stories™. 


Frame Your Photos with the 3x4 & 3x3 Whimsy Set


"Seven Magic Moutains" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #344

We can't stop staring at this layout with the Whimsy design!

The 3x4 and 3x3 Whimsy die set allows you to fit in nine photos with one spot being a square focal point. To really accent the outer frame design, use paper (or photos) that contrasts your photos in the inside sections. In this case, Jodi chose a color that was dark next to her photos - so the pictures get the most attention, yet the curvy lines are still noticeable.

Use contrasting elements to make your Whimsy page designs spark!

This Layout Features: 12x12 Plum grid paper from Fresh N Fruity Collection, Whimsy 3x3 & 3x4 die set, and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern Paper from BasicGrey™.

Add Lots of Photos with the 2x2 Whimsy Dies


"Our Time at Bear Lake" by Paije Potter - Pattern #152

If you went on a vacation or an event (such as a family reunion) where you took a ton of photos - the Whimsy 2x2 set might be right for you!

This particular page has a total of 18 photos. We just love how many moments Paije was able to place on this layout, and with the Whimsy dies, this reunion just looks so fun! If you wanted to add even more photos, the center of the page could be filled with four 3x3 squares, or nine 2x2 squares.

The Whimsy dies are excellent for making fun photo collages.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Cabin Wood grid paper from Lazy Days collection, Whimsy 2x2 die set, Alphabet 2 die set,  and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern paper from Simple Stories™.

Crop Photos Larger with the 4x4 & 2x4 Whimsy Set


"Food Festival 2021" by Paije Potter - Pattern #368

We love the 4x4 and 2x4 Whimsy die set - it was our very first of this collection, and we love that you can crop the photos bigger!

If you use the Whimsy dies and wish you had a little more space for your cropped photos, try using this set. The 4x4 sections in each corner of the layout show more of the scenery from this beautiful theme park. Plus, we love cropping photos with the 2x4 die to really focus in on the subjects - such as the delicious food.

As we talk about they Whimsy dies, we just keep admiring the beautifully cropped photos - both large and small!

This Layout Features: 12x12 Sunset grid paper from Ombré collection, the Whimsy 4x4 & 2x4 die set, and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern paper from PhotoPlay™. 

Break Up the Whimsy Design


"Jone's Snow - 2018" by Lauren Jones - Pattern #686

Now that you have been introduced to our different Whimsy die sets, we are now going to look at how you can combine them.

One awesome idea our designer, Lauren, created was breaking up the whimsy design by adding two long paper strips. With this design, she was able to use the 3x3 and 3x4, plus the 2x4 Whimsy dies. Notice how the Whimsy design still lines up perfectly, even with the two strips.

This is a great way to showcase some pattern paper you love or if you would like to add a large title.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Mint grid paper from Fresh N Fruity Collection, Whimsy 3x3 & 3x4 die set, Whimsy 4x4 & 2x4 die set, and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern Paper from Echo Park™. 

Make Whimsy a Chunky Mosaic


"Relaxing at Belle Isle" by Tami Potter - Pattern #650

We cannot stop looking at the top half of this page - it looks like a fabulous mosaic!

This page combines the 2x2 Whimsy die set and the 4x4 & 2x4 Whimsy die set. The 2x2 sizes give that mosaic appearance on the top, and to crop a few of the photos larger, the 4x4 Whimsy was used on the bottom of the page. Notice how all of the die cuts still line up perfectly to get that fabulous frame.

We love how you can mix up smaller and larger Whimsy dies!

This Layout Features: 12x12 Graphite Gray grid paper, Whimsy 2x2 die set, Whimsy 4x4 & 2x4 die set, the layering die bundle, and the basic die bundle. 

Add a Panorama in the Middle


"Maine Anniversary" by Tami Potter - Pattern #653

Here is another way to split up the Whimsy design - Tami added a beautiful panorama in the middle using the basic dies.

On the top section, Tami used the 3x3 & 3x4 Whimsy Set which gave her a great spot to add in journaling. On the bottom section she used the 4x4 & 2x4 set which was fabulous for that close up pic. Using these sets allowed Tami to add a variety of sizes on her page, plus she was able to make room for the fabulous scenery in the middle!

Play around with your Whimsy die sets and see what you can mix and match!

This Layout Features: 12x12 Lotus grid paper, the Whimsy 3x3 & 3x4 die set, the Whimsy 4x4 & 2x4 die set, and the Basic Die Bundle. 

Add the Fanciful Frame


"Chasing Red" by Lauren Jones - Pattern #718

Although the Fanciful Fame die is not part of the Whimsy die collection, the curvy shape was inspired by the same design. 

Fanciful frame is a great companion for the Whimsy dies, and makes a fabulous focal point! Lauren used the 2x2 Whimsy set to create this awesome mosaic design. After all the cutting, it was nice to add a simple Explore level die in the center that coordinates.

With both Whimsy and the Fanciful Frame, your pages will be fun and fabulous!

This Layout Features: 12x12 Sunlight grid paper from Lazy Days Collection, Whimsy 2x2 die set, the Fanciful Frames die set, and the MM grid die. Pattern paper from Bella Blvd™.

Watch this video demo of Whimsy and see more on our Youtube Channel