6 Tips & Ideas for Scrapbookers to Document the Holidays

It's that special Holiday Time! There's a major holiday every month and things get super busy with all of your plans, travels, celebrations, and yearly traditions.

It's special... and fun... and usually a little bit chaotic. Sometimes you do so much, you can't remember everything that happened. Sometimes you have so much fun you forget to capture all of the photos you want. It's especially important to document all the people, activities, and things so you can look back to appreciate and relive all the wonderful memories you made. We are here for you -- to help you capture these holidays. 

Keep reading to see 6 tips and examples to help with your holiday layouts!

Don't Forget the Decor!


"Toddler Tricks & Treats" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #305

During the Holidays you put a lot of effort into making everything look nice -- be sure to document the decor!

Take photographs of it all - the food displays, the lights you set up, and the handmade decorations! Not only will this enhance your pages, but you will appreciate remembering all the work that was done.

Since holidays come every year, you may want to add the date or year on your layout - it's easier to forget which year it was than you think!

This Layout Features:  Military Green 12x12 Grid Paper, Scallop Mats Die Set B, Numbers 3 Die Set, Layering Die Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern Paper from Echo Park™. 

Document the Expressions!


"Howl-O-Scream 2002" by Tami Potter - Pattern #167

You may not be able to get every expression, but it's important to capture the emotions during the holidays.

Although we want family and friends to always be smiling - that doesn't aways happen (see center photo for example). But showing the real emotions shows a more authentic memory of the day-- whether it's your baby boy or yourself.

One day you will treasure those memories just as much as the 'picture perfect' smiles!

This Layout Features: Cocoa grid paperLayering Die Bundle, and Basic Die Bundle.

Just a Few Photos? No Problem!


"Thanksgiving 2012" by Tami Potter - Pattern #608

Sometimes we are so busy we don't end up with a lot of photos.

There are two solutions for creating a page with less photos:

First, make space for journaling - if there's not much to show about your day, tell the story instead!

The second is to fill more of the layout with decorative elements. Tami created two borders with the Metaphor dies - which used up more space on the page. There are millions of ways to create art on your layouts with Mosaic Moments!

And it looks amazing!

This Layout Features: Cloves 12x12 Grid Paper from the Harvest Collection, Metaphor 2x3 Die, Metaphor 2x4 Die, Corner Tiles Die Set, Layering Die Bundle, and Basic Die Bundle.

Journal Your Holiday Memories


"Thanksgiving 2020" by Paije Potter - Pattern #344

Tell the story behind your photos!

Many of our memories need more of an explanation and context. You may want to keep a holiday journal and then you will be able to add those memories later on your scrapbook layout when you create it. Here, Paije detailed all of her memories from her 2020 Thanksgiving.

Your memories can sometimes be the best part of your holiday scrapbooking pages!

This Layout Features:  Cloves 12x12 Grid Paper from the Harvest Collection, Whimsy 3x3 &3x4 Die, and the Basic Die Bundle.

Place Your Photos in Sequence


"Christmas Tree 2020" by Lauren Jones - Pattern #502

Document a holiday with a sequence of photos!

Lauren placed these photos in a specific order - showing the process of choosing a tree and placing it in her home. They swirl around from left to right in a clockwise motion on her pinwheel pattern which makes your eyes follow along.

Bonus: Lauren added a hand written note about this experience. Your Children and Grandchildren will cherish your hand writing!

This Layout Features: Cocoa 12x12 Grid Paper, and Basic Die Bundle.

Photos with Bad Lighting Can Still Work!


"Yummy Gingerbread House" by Paije Potter - Pattern #600

Who has taken photos during the holidays with bad lighting? 🙋‍♀️

We are mostly indoors during the holidays, and the lighting isn't always the best. Don't look at these photos as a waste - they are still showing memories. In this case, we like to deck out our layouts with lots of color and more embellishments to make up for the lower quality photos.

Notice how Paije dressed up each Ginger Friends Die with a different "outfit"!

This Layout Features: Military Green 12x12 Grid Paper, Corner Tiles Die, Ginger Friends Die, Layering Die Bundle, and Basic Die Bundle.