6 Ideas For Scrapbookers to Document Memories of Home

Home is where the heart is.

At Mosaic Moments we can surely attest to that! Our favorite memories to keep are the ones of our home. Whether you were born into it or created the home of your own with dearest friends - your home is a place to treasure. Those mundane daily moments are worth saving and remembering. With our system, those every day photo memories can be turned into art!

We put together 6 ideas below to show you how to document memories of your home.

Photograph A Process


"Processing Tomatoes" by Lauren Jones - Pattern #392

Create a layout of something you do to provide for your home.

Here, Lauren showed a layout of her family processing tomatoes in their kitchen. She made sure to document each member of her family doing their part and recorded the process. You might not be into canning, but you may show yourself or your family knitting washcloths, building a piece of furniture, or decorating your home.

Don't overlook these routine home prep activities for your scrapbook!

This Layout Features:  12x12 Kale Grid Paper from Harvest Collection, Layering Die Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle. Pattern Paper from Carta Bella™. 

Save your Family's History


"Josh's Ancestors" by Lauren Jones - Pattern #486

Genealogy is perfect for scrapbooking because preserving memories is what started scrapbooking in the first place!

Show items and/or photos from your ancestors displayed in your home. You may want to add journaling to explain specific items and tell family history stories. Lauren not only saved photos of all the ancestors and memorabilia but also the presenter of the information, her mother in law.

Get to know your family's history to make a layout like above!

This Layout Features: Cocoa 12x12 Grid Paper, Celtic Knot, and Basic Die Bundle. Pattern Paper featuring Simple Stories™.

Document Daily Chores


"Morning Chores" by Lauren Jones - Pattern #563

We may tend to create pages of travels or special events - but don't forget to scrap your life at home, especially since it's easy to forget theses simple memories!

Capture photos of your daily life. Here, Lauren made a layout of her daughter doing a daily chore - collecting the eggs. She was able to fit in photos of her chickens (or the ladies as backyard chicken keepers like to say), and photos of her daughter making scrambled eggs. Mosaic Moments patterns let you fit so many pictures in, don't they?

This layout is excellent proof for when her daughter is a teenager - that she once did her chores with a smile!

This Layout Features: Sage 12x12 Grid Paper, Alphabet 3, Layering Die Bundle, and Basic Die Bundle.

Record Family Meals and Recipes


"Chicken Noodle Recipe" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #210

Next time you cook a family recipe show the process of how it's made and your family enjoying it when your meal is done!

Create a whole layout of your family recipe. You could even display the recipe on your layout. Take a photo of each step of the preparation. And don't forget to capture who was cooking and who was eating.

Food is a great way to show your life at home!

This Layout Features: White 12x12 Grid Paper, Layering Die Bundle, and Basic Die Bundle.

Photograph Special Spots of Your Home 


"Brett's Pond" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #478

Create a layout about a special feature of your home.

Here, Jodi created a page of the pond in her front yard.

Take detail photos of these places. Jodi got close ups of the lily pads to fill the bow of her dies, but yours could be flowers if your garden is your subject. Or wood grain or stone if your new patio is the topic of your layout.

Notice how Jodi used the extra inner circle die from the On the Dot 4x4 Die to highlight a lily pad, a frog, a shell, and a water lily flower.

This Layout Features: Reflection 12x12 Grid Paper from the Nantucket Collection, On the Dot Bow 2x4 Die Set, On the Dot 4x4 Die, Layering Die Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle.

Immortalize a Favorite Object


"Brett's Violin" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #431

Document a valued item from your home.

It can be valued in price or sentimentality; Jodi used this layout for her husband's violin. Take multiple photos of your chosen object - Jodi took close ups of various parts of the violin. These type of detail shots can work wonderfully with our specialty dies since they may be easier to crop.

Don't you love how Jodi had current photos on one side of her layout and past photos on the other? This really helps tell more of the story.

This Layout Features:  Cinnamon 12x12 Grid Paper from the Harvest Collection, Dial Die Set, and Numbers 4. Patterned Paper from Jen Hadfield™.