11 Pet Scrapbook Pages You will Adore

Our pets are like our children ... we love them unconditionally, we spoil them and we take tons of photos of them. So, why not scrapbook them?

Here are 11 pet layouts to provide you with some unique ways to scrapbook your pets ... and we've gone beyond  just dogs and cats. We've included layouts featuring chickens, bunnies, birds, swans and hamsters, as well, to inspire you!

1. Make a Pinwheel
Puppy Scrapbook Page

"Swissy-Saints" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #107

Pinwheel designs, like this one using Page Pattern #107, work perfectly for pets because they include both vertical and horizontal photo places.

This one also allows space for adorable die cuts made using the Paw & Bone Die Set from Mosaic Moments.®

2. Accent with Patterned Paper

Lots of manufacturers make patterned paper for pets. If you cannot find one for your pet, try something universal like dots, stripes or plaid.

Use the decorative paper to fill in places or create a nice balance around the photos, like Paije did here.

Hamster Scrapbook Pag

"Donut the Hamster" by Paije Potter - Pattern #219

3. Add Journaling
Kitten Scrapbook Page

"Foster Kittens" by Tami Potter - Pattern #197

Add comments, names, descriptions or anything you wish alongside your photos, like Tami did on this layout. She used chevrons to point to the photo that matches her description. Adorable!

4. Frame a Photo

Mosaic Moments® makes dozens of frames that can be used to create a focal point on your layout.

Candy used the Square Diamond Die to create the centerpiece on this layout. It makes her oldest, and head hen, stand out from the other chickens.

Chicken Scrapbook Page

"Chickens 2019" by Candy Spiegel - Pattern #449

5. Make the Frame Vanish
Puppy Scrapbook Page

"Sadie Puppy" by Paije Potter - Pattern #101

How cool are these floating circles of patterned paper? Yes, it is still created using Grid Paper.

However, in this case, the frames of each circle are cut from cardstock that matches the Grid Paper. This allows the frame to vanish into the background, creating the illusion of floating circles.

The backside of every piece of Grid Paper is printed with the same design on the front, minus the grid lines. So, just flip a sheet over and cut away!

6. Showcase your Love
Cat Scrapbook Page

"Missing Misty" by Candy Spiegel - Pattern #344 and #444

Losing a beloved pet can be traumatic, but scrapbooking your loss can be healing.

Whether you are creating a pet memorial layout or simply showing how much you love your pet, the Sweetheart Die Sets are ideal. When placed together, they create loopy hearts that show love at a glance.

7. Create Stripes

Stripes are a fun way to showcase a few adorable dog photos on your layout.

Paije used the Corner Tiles Die to create these stripes with two different papers. While it is more time consuming than some designs, the process is made easier since the die cuts 12 corners at one time! And the resulting layout is phenomenal.

Dog Scrapbook Page

"Puppy Love" by Paije Potter - Pattern #370

8. Scrapbook Wild Animals, Too
Bird Scrapbook Page

"Wild Pets" by Candy Spiegel - Pattern #231

You can create layouts featuring the birds, squirrels, swans, ducks, geese, deer and whatever other wildlife you enjoy watching in your yard.

This design uses mini banner dies to title the page ... you could do something similar with your pet's name, if you choose.

The journaling was first printed from the computer onto cardstock, then a Banner Die was used to cut it out, lining up the bottom of the banner. The excess on the top was snipped off to create a small journaling block.

9. Use a Slice of Pie

The Quarter Pie Die Set allows you to incorporate 12 photos onto one layout. This is ideal when you have tons of photos of your new kitten, like Paije does here.

Using the same technique as No. 5 above, Paije made the frame of the pie vanish and let one little slice hang off the edge. Too cute!

Kitten Scrapbook Page

"Kittens" by Paije Potter - Pattern #431

10. Round up the Bunnies
Rabbit Scrapbook Page

"Boberry Bunny" by Paije Potter - Pattern #344

Bunnies, llamas, goats or whatever pet you have, look great when they are placed onto a giant circle, like this one, using the Horizon Die Sets. A variety of dies make up this set, so you can choose the ones that fit your photos the best. Add a bit of patterned paper and you have the makings of an adorable pet layout.

11. Go into the Clouds

Birds like to fly so using the Puff N Stuff Die to showcase them (it reminds us of puffy fair-weather clouds) is perfect.

On this pet scrapbook layout, Paije repeated the Puff N Stuff die four times, turning it slightly each time, to create a beautiful frame around her and Paris.

Bird Scrapbook Page

"Paris the Bird" by Paije Potter - Pattern #344