10 Layout Ideas with the Flower Dies

Article by Amanda Jones

I love flowers dies! They are so quick and cute! Plus they are perfect for Spring! They are an easy embellishment to add to your Mosaic Moments® scrapbook pages and photo mosaics. They are actually very versatile and should be a staple in your Mosaic Moments® stash. Paije gathered 10 layouts with flower dies for you. I think they will really spark your creativity.

1. Fiesta Flower

"Historic California" by Paije Potter - Pattern #356 (slightly adjusted)

The Fiesta Flower Die is used here on Pattern #356. This is a great pattern I use all the time. I love how Paije used the die with a red toned brown that goes with the historic setting.

The Fiesta Flower Die goes so well with this Historic California trip.  It almost makes me wonder if Tami designed it after her visit!

Do you have a page or photos that the Fiesta Flower Die would work with?

2. Daisy Die

"Walking Around CW" by Paije Potter - Pattern #602 (adjusted)

Above, Paije used the Daisy Die on Pattern#602. The Daisy is an older die, but a goodie. I love the over lapping square and diamonds.

Paije chooses such great color combinations too, doesn't she? This purple, green, and patterned paper look so great!

The image on the right shows close up of Stickles™ (from Tim Holtz) used on the Daisy Die. This added some sparkle to the layout - it looks as if Paije added little diamonds!


3. Star Flower

"Spring Break" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #613

Look at this awesome layout!

Jodi used the Star Flower Die on Pattern #613. I love how she balanced the yellow matted photos in the corners. She perfectly matched the colors of the girls' clothes with her paper.

It's really incredible!

I also like how she used the 1x3 Star Flower Border and the 2x2 Star Flower together on the same page. She added some colorful elements to the flowers by placing a dot sticker in the center of the 2x2 star flowers. Also take a look at how she filled in the flowers on the 1x3 size - isn't that adorable?

4. 8 Petals

"Alexis at Colonial Williamsburg" by Tami Potter & Paije Potter - Patterns #327 & #363

I really love the 8 Petal Die Set and the 8 Petal 1x3 Die on this 2 page layout. They used Patterns #327, a pinwheel, and #363.

Tami and Paije worked together on this one. I really love their collaborations. Look at the two tone purples they used - So classy looking with the white mats and backgrounds.

I love the photos too. They have close ups and distance shots with people and items from the gardens. It really brings interest to the layout and tells the story of the day.

It's such a gorgeous spread but simple at the same time - I almost feel like I could make something similar. That is the magic of Mosaic Moments™. I love them. Don't you?

5. Sunflowers

Here, Paije used the Sunflower 2x2 Die and the Sunflowers Border Die Set. And I think they are really great! Their very shape brings a little sunshine to your page.

I recommend using the Xyron Create A Sticker for these flowers. Really, for any of the flower dies that have little pieces. These Sunflowers just reminded me since they have these teeny tiny petals.

You can totally just use a mat of card-stock behind the die but you could also embellish with the petals on top of your other elements.

Paije used the Sunflower Dies with Pattern #337. I think this layout is so pretty and bright.


"State Fair" by Paije Potter - Pattern #337

6. Perfect Petals

"Longboarding" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #511

I think this might be my favorite layout so far. And the Perfect Petals Border Die might be my favorite flower die.

I love how Jodi paired white and yellow flowers together. This is such a cute page, isn't it?

The Perfect Petals also comes in a 2x2 and 1x1 set. I really like pattern #511 too. I think you could use it for a lot of different pages quite easily.

7. Sixlet 1x3

Look at this cute little flower die! I LOVE how Jodi made it look with the white petals, blue background and yellow centers.

Remember to get the Xyron for this one, with those little dotted centers! There is no way I could glue them with out it.

I am totally inspired to try and make my own layout just like this. I mean look at this cute layout with Pattern #100!

It is a perfect page for a spring baby. And she found a flower picture that totally fits her page. Do you have a picture that would go with the Sixlet 1x3 Die?


"Charly's Blessing" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #100

8. Garden Path

"Loving Spring" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #532

The Garden Path Die is such a cute flower die and I love the little cut out pieces. I am so glad Jodi took the time to use green for the leaves, pink and cream for the flowers, and blue for the teeny tiny flowers.

It looks incredible. The effort was worth it. Don't you think so too?

Jodi used Numbers Set Die for her date and Garden Path Die with Pattern #532.

9. Wild Flowers 

Look at this page by Jodi. She used the Wild Flowers Die Set.  She used brown and white to really make her flowers stand out on the blue background.

She gave her layout such a cool Cali skater feel to it.  I have never used Pattern #548 but I think I might try it. Would you use it? It is a Pinwheel pattern so they are super fun because they have horizontal and vertical design spots for pictures.

I also think its interesting  that despite using a flower die this page doesn't look girly at all. This could have worked for a boy's skateboard page too.


"Hannah's Boards" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #548

10. Daisy Row Border

"Historic Mall" by Paije Potter - Patterns #613 & #460


Okay. Paije went all out with this layout! It deserves 4 photos not just one.

I am pretty sure this is my favorite layout of all time! Not just for flower layouts.

She used the Daisy Row Border with a very detailed modern patterned paper. Then she added the individual flowers from inside the borders to embellish her focal photos.

She also added Glitter dots and tiny round gems for flower centers.

She even distressed her mats with coordinating colors. I see a dark purple around one mat.


To further up the ante she even journaled like a boss. Anyone else struggle to journal their pages? I do.

I'm totally going to try to make a page similar to this one. I love it! Paije used Patterns #613 and #460.

So that's a great 10 layouts with Flower Dies. I hope you saw something that you would like to try, just like me. I'm going to get my die cut machine out and get rolling. I hope you're inspired to get out your dies too!