10 Fantastic Birthday Scrapbook Ideas

As the historians of our families, we take lots of photos of birthdays. The trick is to make each one unique and special. Get inspired by these 10 fantastic birthday scrapbook ideas ...

1. Keep it Simple


"Alexis is 5!" by Tami Potter - Pattern #129

Celebrate those special birthdays with scrapbook pages that feature the birthday person. A few close ups and some fun, patterned paper is all you need to show off the special day.

If you wish, you can add a few stamped images (like the Happy Birthday and No. 5, pictured here) or coordinating stickers to help tell the story.

2. Incorporate the Party Atmosphere

Use the theme and general ambiance of the birthday party on your layout. Here, Jodi did that by including photos of the decorations, using the party colors and incorporating die cuts that match.


"Little Lumberjack Party" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #355

3. Make it Festive


"Birthday Girl" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #291

Birthday parties are fun and festive events. Add to that fun by creating a birthday layout that includes banners -- after all, banners just say, "fun".

You can take it a step further with birthday Cornerstones, like the hat and cupcake shown here. The pink background isn't attached to the die cut, so you can insert any color that matches your party.

4. Frame the Edges


"Happy 5th Birthday" by Paije Potter - Pattern #404

Bring the focus to the center of the birthday scrapbook layout by framing each side with patterned paper in a unique shape.

On this layout, Paije used the Diamond Mine dies to create graphic "brackets" on each side.

5. Create a Unique Title


"Happy Birthday" by Paije Potter - Pattern #426

Birthday scrapbook pages practically beg for the words, "Happy Birthday." For this design, Paije used patterned paper and alphabet stickers from Doodlebug Design™ to create an adorable title that really "takes the cake."

6. Use the Wrapping Paper

Remember all of the birthday fun by incorporating the wrapping paper into the scrapbook.

On this design, Paije took photos of the wrapped gifts. She then used those pictures of the wrapping paper as her patterned paper on this layout. Very clever!


"Eleventh Birthday" by Paije Potter

7. Show the Birthday Fun


"Disneyland Birthday" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #381

Birthday layouts can show more than just the typical cake and candles. You can also scrapbook the birthday fun!

Jodi shows the fun her family had during a birthday at Disneyland, but you could also take photos of the party games or the kids swimming, playing tag, sharing ghost stories, watching a movie, or whatever fun is happening at the birthday party.

8. Try the Pie Die

The Pie Die is a fun way to incorporate 12 birthday photos on a single layout.

For this one, Paije used the photos of the cake and balloons as her title and journaling. She accented the Pie with festive patterned paper and a sticker or die cut in the center. Adorable!


"Birthday Party!" by Paije Potter - Pattern #431

9. Focus on the Center


"Celebrate 18" by Paije Potter

Draw the viewer's eye right to the center of the layout by using a strip frame die. Frame dies come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are perfect to create a focal point. This is the Strip Frame 4x6 Die.

Instead of patterned paper, you could use a close-up photo of the flowers or gifts. You might also try a pretty birthday card as the accent "paper."

10. Round it all Up

Use the Horizon Dies to create a giant circle on the page, showcasing a round-up of events and activities from the birthday celebration.

There are several components to the Horizon Set of Dies, which allow you to change how many photos you use, as well as the sizes and directions of them.

For this layout, Paije used the original Horizon Dies Set and the 3x5 Horizon Die Set.


"Happy 15th Birthday!" by Paije Potter