7 Reasons Men Love Mosaic Moments as Your Hobby


Mosaic Moments can help you impress the man in your life!

Despite this sounding like a 1950's ad, it can be frustrating when the men in our lives don't appreciate, or even like, our hobby. The lack of understanding might even cause conflict -  We've all joked with each other, "Don't tell my husband how much I spent!"

However, during our trade show days, it was common to see husbands stopping their wives at our booth to show them pages THEY LOVED!

There is nothing "too cute" about it, and here's 7 reasons why:

1. Energetically Displays High Adventure Activities

"Epic Sky Trek" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #282

Many men love high adventure activities.

You love scrapbooking. Put them together and you have a recipe for success!

This is such a simple page but it looks amazing. Jodi used the Basic Bundle with the 1in. Grid and the Layering Bundle. She blended her 4x6 photos and "voilá" - an awesome high adventure mosaic!

2. Strongly Scraps Large Scale Engineering Marvels

We all love seeing huge engineering wonders, but men especially love them.

Mosaic Moments is the perfect way to scrap them!

Who could not love this layout? Paije used the 1x4 Strips Die to create a panorama of the dam that spans the whole width of the page. She cut additional photos with the Layering Die and her mats with the Basic Bundle. Her letters are Alphabet 2 Die Set.


"Hoover Dam" by Paije Potter - Pattern #568

3. Graphically Great for Outdoor Activities

"Kayak Fun" by Paije Potter

If your son, husband, or dad is anything like mine, they love to see pages about the activities they love.

Pages about the great outdoors are right up their alley. I could totally see this as a framed gift for Father's Day.

Paije used the Steps Die, the Chippendale Die, and the Layering Bundle to create this layout. She repeated a pattern of blue and yellow-orange distressed card stock to mimic the colors of the kayaks.

4. A Super Fan of Stadium Sports

"Play Ball" by Tami Potter - Pattern #119 and second page is mirrored

Mosaics are perfect for the large scale stadium shots.

You don't have to have professional photography equipment to get professional looking results with Mosaic Moments. You can use the 1in. grid and basic bundle to make pages like this.

Looking at this page takes me to the stadium, I feel like I can hear the roar of the crowd!

Your sports fans will LOVE your stadium pages.

5. Confidently Completes Epic Memories

Creating memories is what scrapbooking is all about.

And men love to remember those epic trips just as much as women.

Paije used the Horizon Die and the Circle Center Frame on Dawn, from the Ombré Collection Grid paper, to show a visit to Venice Beach. She used photos of bright colorful graffiti around the outside of her large circle.

Her layout is graphic, modern, and cool and then men in your life would love you to scrap something similar!


"Venice Beach" by Paije Potter - Pattern #344

6. Dynamically Displays Your Focal Point (aka Your Guy)

"Washington's Headquarters" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #477

This dynamic design will make him happy to be the center of attention.

Jodi used the Crisscross 4x6 Die to put her hubby in the focal point of her page. Crisscross 3x4, Crisscross 3x3, and Crisscross 2x4  were used to finish her layout.

Jodi used detail shots of autumn leaves to fill in some of the design spots. No cute patterned paper or stickers required to finish off this page!

7. Dares to Display Every Detail!

Whether your guy's new ride is a Lamborghini or a Scooter, he likes to show it off!

Paije used the Double X Factor 2x6 to complement Kevin's sweet new ride. She put all of her elements on the 12x12 Daytime Grid of the Ombré Collection.

Mosaic Moments Dies and Paper make great layouts for showing off cars and engines, whether they are big or small -  It's a scrapbook subject your guy will love!

Treat your guy to Mosaic Moments of his own!


"Kevin's New Ride" by Paije Potter - Pattern #493