The Top 8 Dies to Get Started with Adventure Level Scrapbook Pages

Are you ready for Adventure level, but don't know where to start?

We don't consider Adventure level dies  the "hardest" level dies, but you will need to take much more time preparing and cropping. You might have more decisions to make when you use them. They can possibly seem overwhelming at first, so we compiled our top 8 Adventure level dies to help you get started.

And once you use these dies, you will be hooked on making Adventure level scrapbook pages!

1. Daybreak Die


"Colonial Williamsburg with Sadie" by Tami Potter - Pattern #228

Customer favorite Daybreak die is a simple rectangle frame and circle.

That simplicity might be why it is such a graphic standout in the Adventure level dies. There are many ways to fill in the 4x6 die's design spots. You can put a full photo in all of the spots, or just in the circle as Tami did here. Or you can fill in with patterned paper or cardstock. Tami used two different coordinating patterned paper for her two rectangles of the die.

Depending on how you fill in each section, this die will look completely different. You will want to use it again and again!

This Layout Features: 12x12 Red Tides Grid Paper from Nantucket Collection, Daybreak Die, and Die Set A. Patterned paper from PhotoPlay™. 

2. Charmed Dies


"Together at Busch Gardens" by Paije Potter - Pattern #581

Charmed dies come in 2x4 and 4x6 sizes, and can be placed together to form a chain of circles across or down your page.

Paije chose to fill her Charmed die outlines with 5 different photos in the circles and half circles. She filled the smaller design spots outside of the circles and where the circles intersect with flower photos. They look like they could be from one photo.

What do you think? Mosaic Magic!

This Layout Features: 12x12 Sapphire Blue, Charmed 4x6 and 2x4 dies, Layering Die Bundle, and Basic Die Bundle

3. Puff N Stuff


"Paris Bird" by Paije Potter - Pattern #344

Puff N Stuff has the perfect cloud shape, and when you put it together with other 3x4 Puff N Stuffs on a layout, it gives you a classy quatrefoil shape.

Use the die on one photo or crop two photos with the die. Here, Paije used the back of 12x12 Kindness grid paper from the Happiness collection as if it was patterned paper. She placed a bird photo in each of the 'clouds'.

This might be a simple die, but it creates such a beautiful design!

This Layout Features: 12x12 Pale Blue Grid Paper, 12x12 Kindness Grid Paper from the Happiness Collection, Puff N Stuff Die, and Basic Die Set A

4. Angles Dies


"Navy Family" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #545

The Angle dies are great Adventure level dies to start with!

They only have three design spots to make choices with, and they create a very dramatic diamond shape when placed around your page. Jodi used two contrasting patterned papers, and the dies are purely for embellishment. You can do the same, or you can fill the die with one, two, or three different photos.

The Angle dies come in 2x4 and 2x6 sizes.

This Layout Features: 12x12 Grey Grid Paper, 2x4 Angles Die, Numbers 4 die set, Layering Die Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle. Patterned paper form BasicGrey. 

5. Looped 2x2 Dies


"Alexis in Pandora" by Paije Potter

Looped 2x2 dies are Adventure level dies with curves.

Your layouts will look different depending on how you fill those curves. Here, Paije filled her loops with different plant pictures that she blended to look like the whole layout is made with one photo! That is pure mosaic magic. The rest of her 2x2 looped pieces are filled with the back of 12x12 Twilight grid paper. She made sure to cut around in the same places on the back of the grid for a seamless look on her layout.

It's so nice to see all of that gorgeous ombre in the loops!

This Layout Features: 12x12 Twight Grid Paper from Ombré Collection, Looped 2x2 Dies, and the Basic Die Bundle

6. Metaphor Dies


"Katelyn" by Jodi Benson - Pattern #639

The Metaphor dies are another set that can be used alone or together.

When placed together, you can make interesting designs - particularly those sectional circles. Doesn't Jodi's page give you a variety of ideas for filling in those circles? She used patterned paper, but you could use you favorite flower photos.

There are 2x4 and 2x3 sizes you can work with, and they'll give you stunning Adventure level results!

This Layout Features: 12x12 Ivory Grid Paper, 2x4 Metaphor die, 2x3 Metaphor die,  Layering Die Bundle, and the Basic Die Bundle. Patterned paper from Carta Bella™. 

7. Frontier Die Set


"Explore Nature" by Jodi Benson

The Frontier die is relatively new, but a great die to start your Adventure level scrapbooking with.

It's 4x6 SQ. size is perfect to be the focal point of your page. Jodi filled her die with a focal photo of the girls, and four waterfall shots as well as four green triangles of card-stock. She gave the center diamond a light blue frame so that the center photo stands out.

For a quick and easy way to use Frontier, print a 5x7 photo, and your frame will be filled with just one cut!

This Layout Features: 12x12 Storm at Sea Grid Paper from Renaissance Revival Collection, Frontier die set, Alphabet 3 upper and lower case, and the Basic Die Bundle

8. Dial


"Go Hike" by Danielle Lawson - Pattern #431

We love a big circle, and the Dial die gives you two on your scrapbook page!

Danielle filled her Dial with happy hikers, and the notable items they found on their journey. The center circle has small wedges to fill, so be sure to take lots of photos from far away. Or be prepared to print your photos smaller than 4x6 if you are placing a different photo in each space like Danielle did here. You can also make a mosaic out of that center circle.

Take your time lining each cut up, and you will have the Adventure level page of your dreams - you're sure to be hooked on Mosaic Moments Adventure level scrapbooking!

This Layout Features: 12x12 Loggers Grid Paper from Yukon Territory Collection, and the Dial die.