Scrapbook Page Ideas for Kids

We need a lot of scrapbook page ideas for our super active kids! Kids are busier than ever with lessons, after school activities, sports, and weekend trips to science centers, museums, etc.

While my kids are busy so am I – taking pictures of most everything they do. I know they won’t remember their childhood days without my help; so, I am trying to capture as much as I can for them (and for me.)

Page pattern No. 4 is packed with photo spots. (A great pattern to help fit in all those great shots.) The strips on each side allowed me squeeze a couple of descriptive words into my design and, with the centered journal block, they create that all important “design triangle.”


Page Pattern Description: A row of five 3.25 x 2.125 inch photo spots creates a border across the top of this 11 photo spot page. Two 1 x 3.25 inch border strips make a great title spots and, as always, photo spots can be exchanged to create space for journaling (as shown in the sample below.)