Paper Crafting Card Ideas




Hey Cupcake By Janine Blackwelder 

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? I, love to make cupcakes and these are calorie free! Tami has designed this new set of stamps called Create-a-Cupcake and they are so versatile. I’m going to show you a few ways to use this stamp set. All I can say is, that once you start stamping the images you will have so much fun making various cupcakes. You won’t want to stop!

First, you are going to want to make a mask of your stamp. You will need one for each image you want to stamp over. Stamp the cupcake image in black on a sticky note with the icing at the sticky edge. I cut the icing out of the image and also cut a second whole image. With the sticky part being at the top it will stay in place when you stamp over it.


Any time you want to have an image in the foreground you will stamp that image first, mask it off and then stamp over that image.


Stamp flower outline image in black ink on white paper.


Using flower mask, cover image.


Stamp cupcake body then leaf outline twice over flower mask.


Remove mask, stamp icing and solid flower images in your choice of ink colors.


Mask off cupcake and stamp heart sprinkles onto icing.


Remove the mask and you have a decorated cupcake. If you want an image on the top of the cupcake, you will ink the stamp then with a paper towel or wipe remove the ink where you want the image to sit. Ink image for decoration and stamp. Be sure to make a mask for that image as well.


You can also stamp an image on pattern paper and cut it apart to make a cupcake. In this example I use Basic Grey paper.


I used glitter glue to accent the sprinkles already printed on the paper. Cut out the icing, adhere with pop dots and mount on card front. Now it doesn’t get any easier then that!

Have fun with this stamp set, you will use it time and time again.