Fairy Tale Scrapbook Ideas

Need a little magic and whimsy? Maybe you want to show a romantic story in a creative way? Today we are sharing some fairy tale scrapbook ideas to help you create an awesome scrapbook page. We also listed how we were inspired by the story of Hansel and Gretel. There are so many fairy tales to be inspired by and they make super adorable and unique Mosaic Moments™ pages!

Choose A Fairy Tale that Inspires You

Choose a Fairy Tale and let it inspire your page. Cinderella, For Example, is a story filled with great inspiration: shoes, magic, dressing up, love, cleaning, a wonderful event, a trip to a beautiful castle, marriage to a handsome prince… Choose Cinderella or any other Fairy tale you’d like.

Let your page tell us your version of a Fairy Tale. (Or show us how you were inspired by one.)

Here are a few Ideas:

  • Hansel and Gretel – This story can inspire a page about a Brother and Sister Relationship or possibly your love of sweets!
  • Rapunzel – Create a Page about a Friend or Relative with Beautiful Hair, and how much it reminds you of Rapunzel.
  • Little Red Riding Hood – Love the Color Red, or Know someone who has a favorite clothing that is red? Make a page about it!
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears – Let this story inspire a page about funny quirks in your family or about an unexpected Guest.


Inspired by Hansel and Gretel

My Hansel and Gretel page is one of my favorites from the 2014 literary challenge. Hopefully you can guess right away that I was inspired by this classic story. This page shows a brother and sister (like Hansel and Gretel) as the main subject, and the page itself is a gingerbread house theme.

Choosing Photographs

These pictures show my brother and sister and I love the photos of them together. They are both very sweet just like (I imagine) the gingerbread house would be. I love the photo of them holding hands and going on a walk together. This reminds me of how Hansel and Gretel stayed close together as they walked through the forest.

While looking at these photos of course the story of Hansel and Gretel came to mind! I immediately knew I wanted to make this page. Choose a fairy tale that reminds you of your family, and picking out photographs will become a simpler task. Or you can show a romantic story since this relates to many fairy tales also.

A Gingerbread House Page

I was excited to create a page decorated like the Witches house in the story. I chose Cocoa 12×12 Grid paper since it is a nice dark brown and added Carob Cream Paper Tiles to mat my photographs. The Carob Cream Color seems pretty similar to the color of gingerbread so I think it was a fabulous choice for this page. Basically, this page reminds me of a GIANT gingerbread cookie!

I love the embellishments on this page. I specifically chose ones that reminded of candy. The buttons did the trick! I sewed them onto a couple of the borders to look like the candy sticking on a house.

I had a border punch that looked similar to icing loops. This definitely worked with the cookie theme. Plus, it worked perfectly to create a “roof”. I stacked several colors of paper trimmed with my punch to look like the witches house. I was also inspired by this style since it reminded me of architecture and art in Germany – the home of the Grimm brothers.

Material Used for my Fairy Tale Scrapbook Page: