Create Easy Scrapbook Layouts with a Single Die Set

Since the new dies became available last year, creating Mosaic Moments™ pages have become easier and faster than ever! Plus, with the addition of the Page Pattern Gallery you can now choose from over 100 different page ideas. Today, I show you five Easy Scrapbook Layouts by going through each die set (starting with Die Set A). Today’s featured pages are full 12×12 spreads that only need one (that’s right!) ONE die set.

If you don’t have any dies – that’s okay! All of these patterns can, of course, be handmade with the Mosaic Moments™ cutting mat. Be sure to sign up on the Pattern Gallery to get all the measurements you need to hand-cut your photos. Many of the layouts are unique and are a must for your scrapbook album. So Let’s Get Started!

Make It All Squares with Die Set A!

This unique layout is made entirely of squares, and it’s a great choice for showing A LOT of photos! This pattern may seem intimidating with all the 1in. squares. But, it’s easy to cut them with the 1in. square die (the smallest square in this set) or even use a 1in. square punch! Fill the 1 in. square with tiny photos, Four Square Cornerstones, patterned paper or even some left over Paper Tiles.

Die Set A - Easy Scrapbook Layouts

Pattern #124


“Girls Camp 2014” by Tami Potter

A Fun Puzzle Pattern with Die Set B

Do you need a pattern that will hold multiple embellishments? This layout is a great choice! Use your dies to quickly cut colored card-stock or patterned paper, and place some fun stickers or other embellishments on top.

Andrea only used three photos on her page. I love that she used one of the larger design spots to fit a fancy title. You can use the dies to make layers with various papers. This is a great solution for whenever you do not have enough photos to fill all the larger design spots.

Die Set B - Easy Scrapbook Layouts

Pattern #139

“Isabella’s Easter” by Andrea Fisher

Use Large Photos with Die Set C

If you like to print your photos larger, this is a great pattern for you! This layout has two 5.5 x 6.625 in. blocks, so you can fit two 5×7 photos (keep in mind they will need to be cropped shorter). If you have smaller photographs, 4×6 or less, have some fun with multiple layers of paper or use the extra space to add cute embellishments.

For the first time ever, I added 5×7 photos to a Mosaic Moments™ layout. I really like how they stand out more because they are so large! This is a very easy scrapbook layout to put together since it’s a simple collage design.

Set C Layout - Easy Scrapbook layouts

Pattern #138


“Alexis & Jewel Go to Hogwarts” by Paije Rodriguez

List It with Die Set D

This is the perfect pattern for making a list. But, you could also cut some strips out of card stock or patterned paper and use it as the background for a large embellishment or photo in the center. Get Creative! What I love about this layout is the top and bottom rows. Because of the size of the design spots, your photos have a panoramic appearance. This pattern is great for landscapes as shown in Andrea’s page.

Set D Pattern

Pattern #120

Sample Page

“Castles” by Andrea Fisher

Make a Unique Layout with Die Set E

So you might look at this layout and wonder how you would use it. But, you might be surprised on how fun it is to create this. I used the larger 2.125 x 6.625 in strips to show some ‘panorama’ images from a road trip I took last summer to Yellowstone.

I had some camera patterned paper (Doodlebug Design™) , so I cut it into 1×5 strips to fill the right side. I created some of my photos to look like Polariod images to place on top. It was so fun, and such a great way to show off my trip! I encourage you to get creative and think outside the box!

Die Set E - Easy Scrapbook Layouts

Pattern #217

Sample page

“Scenic Route” by Paije Rodriguez

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and looking at these easy scrapbook layouts. It’s great that these pages only need 1 die set to create them. Be sure to sign up on the gallery to see all the dies and measurements you need to create these scrapbook spreads. Also, don’t be afraid to share some of your pages with us on our Facebook page.

Until next time, Happy Scrapping!