Creating with the Ombre Collection

Creating beautiful scrapbook pages with the six colors in the Ombre Collection can lead to so many possibilities but I’ll show you two to get you started.

The Ombre Collection of six Mosaic Moments Grid Paper include the colors Daytime, Sunset, Twilight, Golden Hour, Dawn, & Afterglow.

Ombre Collection

Let’s start with Twilight

Layout 1 Twilight

  • Twilight Grid Paper from the Ombre Collection
  • Doodlebug Designs Land That I Love 6×6 paper pad
  • Paper Studios Crackled Stars
Ombre Collection

The Twilight grid begins with a blue blend in the bottom left corner and progresses to pinky red in the upper right-hand corner. I saw this as an opportunity to do something patriotic or at least something that had many of those red, white, and blue elements in the photos.

The photos selected were taken a while back with Emmi and Cecily in adorable navy-blue dresses with white stars and a big red ribbon. My cousin was visiting from Scotland at the time, so it was good to include her as she played with the girls for this layout.

Pattern #155

All the photos will require mats in this Pattern #155 so I pulled all my RWB papers and began to see what would work best. Many were too serious for these playful pages and in the end the best choice was Doodlebug Designs Land That I Love 6×6 paper pad. The scale of the prints is perfect for 1” grids and this time there were several perfect pattern and color choices to compliment the grid below. The “red” prints were just pinky enough to blend in nicely to the grid. I only added a faded star section from Paper Studios because it had the right sort of worn look to fit with the blue corner.

All the mats for both layouts were hand-cut using the “B” side of the Mosaic Moments Double-sided Craft Mat.

The three 2×2 squares are just right for a series of photos, this time Cecily playing peek-a-boo!

I added just a small portion of journaling and you will note it is on its side, something I like to do every once in a while, it lets the paper show though.

Now to the Daytime Grid paper.

Layout 2 Daytime

Ombre Collection

Daytime is a blend of blues and greens to yellow-greens and I thought it was a very earth and sky feel that would work well with the outdoors theme. Here the photos have so much color a grid that could blend in and still stand out was needed. Using Black mats for the photos pulls from the photos and anchors them giving your eyes a place to rest from all the bold colors of the balloons. The grid is not lost in the process!

Hot Air Balloons will always draw our family’s attention and fortunately we see them go up here quite often. This was a scheduled event that drew a massive amount of people from all over the state and had visitors and locals alike wondering who under estimated the crowds and the need for traffic control.

We missed the takeoff, but got settled enough to watch the return and set up for the Balloon Glow. It’s interesting to watch them unpack, layout, fill and lift the balloons. I had a front row seat to watch our friends get their Block Party Balloon all ready to go. Pattern #453 with the many horizontal photo spaces was just the right pattern for these pictures.

Pattern #453

To fill the two sections of 1” squares I took one photo with the balloon pattern and hand-cut the pieces to fill them in.

Ombre Collection

I added an embellishment of a hot Air Balloon from a die by La La Land Creations. Cut in black, backed with a scrap of white paper and then cutting the die from one of the close ups of one of the balloons patterns I dropped the photo pieces into the spaces on the die cut balloon. I mounted it on the page with a few black foam mounting squares.

So, whether you start with a grid color and search for photos to use, or begin with the photos in search of the perfect grid, I think you will find many choices when you choose to work with the Ombre Collection of Mosaic Moments Gird Paper!

Andrea Fisher