Chalk It Up in the New Year

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions this year?

I don’t usually make them, because I’m not very good at following through and keeping them. Some are well intentioned, positive and worthwhile I suppose, but somehow, I usually fall short…just about this time every January!

This year I was thinking about a word art project using our Mosaic Moments Paper Tiles and  purchased chalkboard tiles. Chalking has been a popular trend and there are new products on the market every day. Now to record My Resolutions, but what would they be? I came across a saying that helped me to think a bit differently about what I would resolve.

What will this matter in a year?

Reflecting on the people in my life and how things can quickly change, an aging mother, a new grandbaby, people marrying, moving away or moving in. What would be beneficial, what would be remembered, what would be worth it? Then I knew I wanted a visual reminder not to condemn my shortcomings and failures to ‘keep up with it’ but to spur me to get back on track and start again. This is the result.

Chalk it Up_027


I purchased a roll of chalkboard tape, chalkboard trading cards, and a pack of 6” square chalkboard tiles (both by Canvas Corp).

I chose one of the limited colors of Mosaic Moments Grid Paper, Palm Leaf and paired it with Icy Indigo Paper Tiles.

I purchased a white gel pen, a white Sharpie China Marker to use for the chalk effect and pulled my Brilliance Moonlight White Pigment Ink pad and a few stamps that included some nice swirls that I might use for decorations.

Chalk it Up_051

What I like about the China Marker was the look that I got on the chalkboard tiles chalk-like without the dust and feel of chalk and the price was reasonable, only $.99. You may know it better as a grease pencil and it writes on lots of surfaces like glass, metal, plastics and photographs.

I chose to limit my photos for this page choosing only ones that at a glance would make me recall the accompanying resolution.

I took a variety of paper tiles and arranged them on the page sizes to match the ‘resolutions’. When I had something I was satisfied with, I then began the chalking. Using the pre-cut tiles was a time saver that made this project come together quickly.

Now if you are a doodler…you know the type…that covers a piece of paper while talking on the phone? Then this is perfect for you. I also chose to grab a few small swirl stamps and stamped the chalkboards in a few places. I put borders using the china marker and wrote out the words in different styles, drawing lines and dots and bits wherever I could to create interest.

Chalk it Up_022


My biggest hesitation was actually writing on the chalkboards. I was afraid of messing them up, or not turning out perfect. However this isn’t about perfect!! Use your own handwriting, make it personal! Express yourself! This is for you after all!! Put a bit of yourself into the page!

The Chalkboard Tape (by Fancy Pants Designs) was very easy to use and worked perfectly in the smaller tiles for the simpler phrases, and was easy to reposition when I needed to adjust.

Chalk it Up_018

It’s never too late to resolve to make a difference in your life…why not find some achievable things that will bring joy and good memories to you and those you love!

Chalk it Up_045_sq

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Thanks so much for stopping by…

andrea fisher