8 Ideas for Fabulous Spring Scrapbook Layouts

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth, when the flowers emerge and everything gets green. Try a renew of your own with one of these fabulous ideas.

Accent with Flowers


"Spring in St. Louis" By Paije - Pattern #118

You don't need to have flowers in your featured photos to showcase them. Here, Paije used close-up shots of flowers. The mosaic cut flowers set the stage - letting the viewer know this memory is "St. Louis in the Spring".

Step Back

For a dramatic effect, show both the close-up flowers and the full tree or flower bed, like Tami did on this layout. Stepping back gives you a bit of perspective and the close-up flowers are absolutely stunning.

"Kwanzan Cherry Tree" By Tami Potter

Include Journaling


"Signs of Spring" by Tami Potter - Pattern #242

Keep track of spring events, plantings, cleaning or other seasonal items with a list right on your layout. The layout does not have to include photos of those items. You can instead photograph flowers like Tami did on this layout.

Decorate with a Border

Using a seasonal border around the layout tells viewers at a glance that this page is about spring.

"Strawberry Fields" by Paije - Pattern #357

Surround it in Paper


"Spring Day" by Paije - Pattern #344

Using the Horizon Dies, you can make a giant circle on your layout for all of your spring shots. Then, use decorative paper around it, like Paije did here, to add a touch of spring.

Try a Strip Frame

Strip Frame dies bring extra focus to a portion of your photo, while still including the entire picture. They are great for spring when you want to show a bird, dragonfly or new bud on the tree. Notice the photo at the top right and at the bottom center. Both of them have tiny details magnified simply by cutting the photo with this die.

*The Strip Frame Dies are  not currently available on snapncrop.com.


"Spring Desert Garden" by Paije - Pattern #433

Frame it in Photos


"Spring at Colonial Williamsburg" - Pattern #192

Frame dies can draw attention to a portion of a photo, like on the small diamonds in the center of this layout.

Or, for something truly unique, use one photo in the center of the frame and a different photo around the edges. Paije used this technique on both the girl at the top and the cat at the bottom. It works best when the photos used are taken at extremely different perspectives -- one up close and one far away.

*These Diamond Frame Sets are not currently available on snapncrop.com.

Try a Pie

The Pie Die is perfect when you have plenty of photos you only need to see a slice of, like during spring.

To add to the seasonal charm, Paije used stickers around the edges.


"Spring 2012" by Paije - Pattern #431